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Thread: Instructions for irc using Xchat? (Xubuntu)

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    Default Instructions for irc using Xchat? (Xubuntu)

    I have just installed xubuntu on my laptop, (tried ubuntu and it wouldnt recognise wireless) I am trying to set up adisc as q new server on Xchat but I have NO idea what I am doing, can anyone help me?

    I gave up on windows because I was totally fed up of my Son filling my harddrive with utter carp, and windows parental controls would not stop him downloading and installing lots of carp!

    *EDIT: can someone please move this to the pc section?*
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    Sorry buddy, but I can't help you, but this all sounds a little fishy. Okay, I'm shamelessly playing on your use of the word "carp" instead of crap. I know that doesn't help you, but I couldn't help myself.

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    This guide will help: toxin: XChat Connect

    Just use ADISC for the network name and for the server name instead of the ones in the tutorial

    Set the server password to your ADISC password, and set the NickName box to your ADISC Username

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