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Thread: Diaperholic

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    Default Diaperholic

    Anyone here use this term?

    Do you find yourself to be one?

    I consider myself one. I see it as no problem because at least it's not alcohol or drugs and it's not hurting anyone or me. I get cravings for the and feel depressed without them. I feel so much happier when I have one on. I feel addicted to them.

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    I know what you mean. Recently, I can't stop thinking about them... And I wouldn't want to go more than 1 or 2 days (at most) without one. I wonder if it's a slight obsession.

    But I always find things ending in -holic (that aren't alcohol) a bit funny... I mean, an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol... so a diaperholic should be addicted to diaperhol!

    I'd become accustomed to using the plastic-backed Abenas (M3s & M4s) most days... and no other brand will do. Now they've stopped producing them for the UK market and most other diapers are fake-cloth-backed. I'm actually really, really, really depressed about this even though it also seems "stupid" to be so upset about something I don't need... I'm having a rough time in life at the moment and the plastic-backed Abenas acted as a "release valve" to calm me down. Now when I wear one, I worry about how many I've got left and what I'll do when I run out...

    I can't explain it either, but I feel calmer when I have one I on. I often don't realise I'm tired when I'm not wearing... it's as if a part of my brain says, "You can't go to bed yet! There's something you need to do, but I'm not telling you what!"... and only when I put a diaper do I relax and realise that I'm exhausted and should have gone to bed hours ago.

    I don't know if it's an addicted, an obsession or... just something that I happen to like... a lot...

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    Never used the term, but I am definitely addicted, and have been my entire life. That's why my attempts to stop wearing always came crashing down on me. But considering how strong the effects of wearing are (feels like how I imagine taking a drug would feel), you could call it one of the world's safest narcotics!

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    I go through phases where I am more obsessed with them vs..."not so much". But they are totally a part of my life now and I have worn at least 1 or 2 times a week regularly for the past 10 years.


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    I'm sure my diapered antics have verged on "diaperholism" at times, yes. Though I usually don't consider myself as having gone through the whole binge/purge thing, I have definitely had random binges, even in the last year. Looking back, I have a hard time putting a theme to these. They were not all particularly stressful times, times when I was alone, etc., so... I have no idea what causes them. However, sometimes, I just have to wear every day for a few days--maybe a week--at a time, and have constant thoughts of wearing.

    Really, it probably is a sort of binge/purge cycle, just shifted a bit to where the "purges" still involve some amount of wearing.

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    Sounds nicer than fetish.
    Couldn't agree more. Fetish sounds like something you've chosen. A 'holic is more a born-with condition.

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    "Addiction" doesn't seem like quite the right word for my situation, even in the loose sense of the term. This would be the basis for a word like "diaperholic", so I don't find it apt. I think about them, and I have periodic, strong urges associated with them, but this is much like other things that I enjoy. It has extra oomph because it is also tied in with my sexual desires, but personally, I think "kink" explains it better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bambusa View Post
    Couldn't agree more. Fetish sounds like something you've chosen. A 'holic is more a born-with condition.
    A 'holic' is a choice. Yes you could be at a higher risk for developing a 'holic' condition, but you are never born with it. A fetish, kink or a 'holic' desire are all things someone chooses to do. Your life experiences may set you up for developing one, but I think it's a chosen thing.

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    I only obsess and over-think diapers if I'm currently trying to deny myself of them. When I don't deny myself what I need, it's less front and center in my mind and just a part of the resources I have for self-comfort.

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