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Thread: I've got 30 days to use 30 diapers, what do I do?!

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    Default I've got 30 days to use 30 diapers, what do I do?!

    Hey guys! So I'm moving house in 30 days and I have 30 diapers left! Now normally 30 diapers would last me a minimum of 4 months as I don't wear very often, only when urges arise.

    Anyway, long story short, I don't want to be including diapers in my packed moving boxes for a variety of reasons so I need to get them all used before then! Seeing as I'll never use them all under normal conditions I have a random request!

    What are some interesting experiments you can do with diapers and while wearing diapers that you guys have found fun?

    And the most obscure topic of the year goes to?

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    well, pending on what brand of diaper you have, you could always double up (wear two at a time) then you've effectively reduce your times of wearing down by half.

    You could always try what it feels like to put different things down your diapers, LOL.

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    Maybe I'm thinking 'outside the box' but you could stow them inside things that go inside the moving boxes. You could probably get a half dozen inside a computer tower, as long as you remember them before you power-on. That, I'm just lifting from the "how to hide your stash" article that was a driving factor in me signing up

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    Go 24/7 for a week and you'll be down to precious few diapers long before the 30 days are up. Normally when I go diapered for a long weekend I go through 4-5 diapers a day despite occasionally peeing in the toilet because I want to stay dry or because I also have to go poop.

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    24/7 it until you run out is probably the best way to use them all up. Especially if you've never done it before.

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    Default I've got 30 days to use 30 diapers, what do I do?!

    When I moved house I put all my diapers in a big box and taped it up with parcel.

    My plan was to place them outside on a heavily wooded road I passed through on my way back from work.

    Unfortunately when I dumped them in what I thought was a fairly hidden spot I'd failed to notice it was in plain view of footpath. I'd love to know who picked them up and to see the puzzled look on their face.

    If you don't want to use them up that quickly my more sensible suggestion would be to look at storing them in a locker at a storage company.

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    As others have recommended...

    go 24/7...

    - you'll get the experience of what it's like to be wearing for a long time (think of someone who has to do so)... with the benefit of being able to stop if you have to.
    - You'll use 3-5 diapers a day easily..... so that's anywhere from 10 to 6 days your supply will last.
    - you probably will be annoyed by the end of 10 days

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    A day or two before you move, donate what you don't wear to an adult care facility. Tell them a relative passed away and you didn't want to throw them away.

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