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Thread: Hesitant about wearing in certain situations

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    Default Hesitant about wearing in certain situations

    I started wearing every night since last Saturday, and on Wednesday I began daytime so I could experiment with wetting, though I'm not completely 24/7 so far as much as I'm anticipating it. I've also "cheated" a couple of times to save the Goodnites knockoff, though I'm working on achieving the perfect trickle flow. At this point, I'm on the roster for a couple of volunteer duties at church this weekend and although I've seen and gotten some amazing feedback in my short time here, I'm feeling a little creeped about wearing at church. I'm wondering if it's all that appropriate. I'm torn between just wearing and not wetting, or going back to commando for the functions I have once or twice a month, or maybe the dry wearing for when I'm just a 'spectator'. I do know that the decision is ultimately up to me, but has anyone been in this situation? What would you do?

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    It's either diaper or commando? Have you considered wearing underwear for these events?

    Drywearing doesn't seem like a bad idea. Good Luck

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    I can't say I've ever been in the situation you describe - but by your own admission, it does feel a bit 'creepy' / inappropriate.

    Perhaps ask yourself - what do you want to achieve by wearing to these events? What would the repercussions be if anyone found out you were wearing? Does the benefit you'll get from wearing outweigh the risk of being caught?

    Is wearing diapers a sexual thing for you? If it is, my personal feeling would be that doing sexual stuff in a church is... a bit weird? But I'm not judging, people are free to do whatever makes them happy - but my own personal take on the situation is that I'd steer clear - but as you point out, it is up to you.

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    I would not wear to church, dry or not. That's just me.

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    Not so much sexual as it is comfort for me, though there are those elements. I guess what it is, is that I don't feel ready to commit to full-on 24/7 at this stage, as much I want to try it, with no 'breaks' or cheating. I don't really hope to become fully IC as it's not some kind of contest for me as much as I see going full-time as a personal goal of sorts. For now my resolution is "maybe next weekend", when I don't have the volunteering commitments

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    What you need to do is find a lightweight day option,say a pullup or a thin (lower absorbency AIO) disposable,then wear your usual diaper at night.
    In my situation where I have no choice,I risk wearing a pullup in the day then change to thicker for night.This went well until my local Primary care trust decided to stop supplying pullups (to everyone) and go back to the pad and pants they used to supply years ago.
    Out of all the pads they sent me to try the only one that gave me good enough coverage front and rear (for me rear is the most important) I ended up with a pad thicker than the disposable aio!
    I hate the pad and pant system as the pads move around,your always adjusting them and they have a nasty habit of bunching between the legs.
    You could go pad and pants in the day and use a thinner pad if all you want/need to use it for is urinary.It's certainly cheaper than buying pullups and with the smaller pads more discreet for wearing,changing and disposing.
    Just a few thoughts!

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    I like diapers because they are comfy and useful, they are also sexual for me. Ive worn diapers to churches plenty of times and god never said anything to me about it.

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