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Thread: Am I the only one?

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    Default Am I the only one?

    I have wondered this for a while; am I the only one out there that cannot stand the mainstream media, popular culture obsession about celebrities and fads that to me aren't news? I have lost a lot of faith in the mainstream media for the past 15 years as they cover more and more things to me that just aren't news.

    I am not a fan of celebrities, reality TV, celebrity news and what have you. I never have been- and I wonder if I am alone in that regard.

    Plus, I was wondering if anyone else like me, doesn't care for awards shows for celebrities like the Oscars, Grammys, SAG award shows. Last weekend, I boycotted the Oscars and would not let my remote even touch ABC and it's broadcast of the Oscars.

    I also am bothered by how kids know more about celebrities than they do real heroes. Heroes like Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Chuck Yeager, Amelia Earhart and others I read about as a child rather than magazines and comics. It shames me how pop-culture obsessed America is now as the mainstream media kowtows to that demand wherein I would rather hear about the important issues than celebrities.

    So, I was wondering if I was alone in my feelings about popular culture. I often feel alone in that regards, especially when people ask me about movies, celebrities and I usually tell them I don't care for them- at all and that other things are more important than celebrities, reality TV, etc.

    This has been on my mind for a while as we just passed another Oscar broadcast...


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    Absolutly not! You are not alone in your view of this! I have zero interest in what a rapper is doing with his life. I can care less about what 'scandal' some actress is committing by wearing a certain dress on the 'red carpet'. I have other thoughts and opinions of the pop culture craze that is sweeping the nation as if by storm. But I'll hold my peace on that.

    I agree it is sad when some kid can tell you about lady gaga and can't tell you didley about what really matters in the world.

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    This is actually a really popular opinion, seriously you are not the only one who hates reality TV. In fact I'd be very surprised if you haven't come across anyone who feels differently.

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    I hardly think you are the only one. I'm so thankful that well.. basically I don't have cable or satellite television. With internet news and Netflix, I don't expose myself to a lot of needless annoyance.

    I also couldn't care less about things like the Oscars and Grammy's.

    However, I'm not any better then those that enjoy those things. I enjoy my own brand of things, and admit that I unfortunately know more about the history and quirks of fictional characters then I know about historical figures. I have my own culture that interests me, and we all are slaves to our interests. It's okay to be human and engross yourself in what makes you happy. The people that do find the pop culture mainstream entertaining, well, more power to them.. it's just not for me.

    I'm glad the internet and other things have allowed so many different types of entertainment to grow, and that there is something for everyone. I don't want the things that annoy me to just disappear, because there would be less happy people because of it. Just like I don't want them wishing my geeky dorky and girly stuff would just vanish. Acceptance and tolerance and such.

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    I could care less about anything that has to do with pop culture. Don't watch anything that's on broadcast TV unless it's a sporting event that I like.
    I like some of the shows on Discovery Channel or History Channel. I'll be glad when baseball starts back up come the first of April.

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    Absolutely not! I don't watch TV news or read newspapers (they're so heavily biased and interested only in trivial soundbites), I lost faith in politics long ago, wasn't even aware that the Oscars happened recently, and regularly phone my friends during World Cup finals completely oblivious to the fact that 80% of the country seem to be glued to their TV screens. I can't understand wanting to watch some people you don't know play other people you don't know a game that has no bearing on your life. And if you enjoyed the game, wouldn't you enjoy watching anyone who plays skillfully or entertainingly (instead of arbitrarily picking a particular club and supporting anyone who plays for them, even if you think they're rubbish?) It makes literally no sense.

    How could watching 24 men you've never met trying to punt an inflated pig's bladder through a set of wooden posts with their feet for two hours be worth paying hundreds of pounds for?!

    And why would anyone care whether a politician is having an affair or what a musician thinks about politics... or whether the Prime Minister has eaten a Cornish pasty recently or what kind of biscuits the former PM prefers (all "major" news stories -- I kid you not)?

    Argh! Most people would think football fanaticism is normal and being AB/DL or furry or a trainspotter is freakishly weird. People make no sense.

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    I'm with you Wildthing. I couldn't even tell you who stars in the most popular movies, or even the Oscar winners. I couldn't care less about so called, "stars". They all seem so incredibly spoiled and shallow. I know that some of them give a lot of money to charities, and so I applaud them. But I honestly don't pay any attention to them.

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    I don't read any celebrity or pop culture news, either. I've usually find it boring and pointless for myself, because I wouldn't want to read about a famous person unless I was genuinely very interested in them. I've actually never watched a celebrity award show before, so I can't say I know what I'm missing for sure, but they don't sound like something that I'd like. The only TV shows I watch are cartoons.

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    My only hero is Lance Armstrong (yes still, get the hell over it) I would consider Gabe Newell a close 2nd but he's done nothing "inspiring". Though he's certainly kicked ass and taken names in the gaming industry and strives to push innovation.

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    I admit I am a sports fan, especially baseball and American football- man am I glad I am not alone. I always feel like I am because of the way the media hypes up those asinine awards shows and makes them to be important. As for reality TV, the reason I despise it so much is it has become a vehicle for instant overnight celebrity status- like for example- I'd never heard of a Honey Boo Boo until I'd seen something on CNN about her and then I started hearing others talk about that spoilt brat.

    I have always felt alone in my feelings when it comes to pop culture cause it seems everywhere I turn, I'm bombarded by news stories, articles and what have you about celebrities. I mean- what about real heroes? That's the big shame of it all- I once asked my nephew- aged 15 who his heroes were- and guess who they were- the kids from Harry Potter- like I even know who they are! When I was his age, my heroes were NASA space explorers and the crew of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

    The straw that broke my back on all this was the Lance Armstrong thing, the day after he had that TV interview with Oprah, all the 'news networks' were hyping that instead of the big stories of the day such as the kidnapping of Americans in Algeria, tensions with North Korea, et al. To me-those are stories, not a washed up druggie cyclist. That bothered me, I mentioned it to a friend of mine who has long since given up the mainstream media and pop culture for the alternative media- which I am not all that fond of because it tends to hinge more on the conspiracies but I am giving it more a chance than traditional news these days cause I can't stand the celebrity bullshit.


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