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Thread: Arrietty

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    Awesome. I've liked all his films so far...

    This should arrive Monday or so...


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    I saw it last year, it is a Ghibli interpretation of "The Borrowers," and was far truer to the universe presented in that novel than by renditions past (such as "The Littles", no, not that kind of little! ). This film was not directed by Hayao Miyazaki, and it shows, but is still at least as entertaining as "The Cat Returns." I too would recommend it.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing it...

    It is one of the few things everyone in my family enjoys...

    Besids the bedroom, the most used area is my theater...

    I love movies, even sappy ones, and this house a went a bit over the top with my theater...

    It's a multipurpose room...1000 square feet...for:
    Movies...full thx Dolby hd system at 11000 watts...14' wide screen and hd front seating...tiered seating as well...candy counter...popcorn machine...etc..
    Music...I play bass and drums gf plays guitar...full stage just in front of screen...32ch mixing board...24 track digital recording...etc..
    Presentation...also has built in computers for giving presentations to clients and gf is a consultant

    So, I love when there is a movie we all can watch and enjoy...

    Our 9yo isn't into watching movies but, sometimes when he has friends over we run the Xbox,ps3,and his new wii down in the theater...sorta cool playing on a huge screen sitting in a recliner...

    Awesome! Can't wait!

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    definitely recommended. great movie, though odd to see this type of animation in anything but home (I went to the movie theater in town).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZakRoo View Post
    definitely recommended. great movie, though odd to see this type of animation in anything but home (I went to the movie theater in town).

    You saw this movie in theater or home?

    It may just be its late...but no comprendo amigo.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ZakRoo View Post
    I saw it several months ago in the theater.

    I haven't been out to a theater in a few years now...

    Quite often during movies I'll need a break for a bit...

    I just don't get around as well anymore...I'm coming to terms with it...but it's hard!

    Today I stopped into a store for tape, ate Chinese at a restaurant...with a couple of mikes too...

    Didn't drive at all...

    My body was done...we stopped the show we were watching in the theater and picked it up upstairs...

    Anyhow, I do like the movies, we even have friends over every week or so for "dinner and a movie" nite...

    Sometime some other friends come over and well play music all nite...I can't drum much anymore...but can do my part on bass...or sometimes just chill...I've played in bands and have had quite a few national acts out...and I can't even think to hang with them...I'm ok, but compared to veterans...not even close...

    I also saw there was another new film comming out in a months or two...


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