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Thread: Funny, Weird, Strange, and Intresting things we find on the web

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    Talking Funny, Weird, Strange, and Intresting things we find on the web

    Post the links to videos and websites you find and then we laugh, comment, and share!

    I will start with Batman Maybe

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    I once found a web forum full of people who like to wear and sometimes use diapers, regress to feel like they're a baby and spend endless hours accusing other members of leakiness. There was even a subforum for 'babyfurs'. It was certainly weird, strange and funny.

    I joined.

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    I'm a huge fan of Hotdiggitydemon, and the series is the pencil of this series. It has an animation style of Ren&Stimpy with the crude potty humor of South Park. Watch the whole series of you dare. here is the first installment.

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    Alexis Ohanian, owner and founder of Riddit tells the amazing tale of Mr. SplashyPants the Humpback Whale. I found it heartwarming and funny.

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    I always find this to be interesting: Instant No Button! Star Wars funnies FTW!

    And there are surprisingly a lot of different times you can use it!


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