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Thread: how to incorporate my DL lifestyle into my relationship

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    Default how to incorporate my DL lifestyle into my relationship

    I have talked about my DL fetish with my husbAnd before, and he said he has come to accept this part of my life. Yet last night I wore one to bed last night and it initially made him uncomfortable.

    How can I make him more comfortable and accepting of this part of me?
    I want to enjoy this with him, but how?

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    This might be a simple answer, and I really don't want to like.. make little of how scary this situation can be. I know it can really be scary because we don't want to push away or creep out the ones we love. Still, he is your husband for a reason. I'm so sure he loves you and he wants to be accepting of this, and wants to make you happy. If you guys are close and care about each other, you should talk to him. Ask him what you could do to make it more comfortable. Say to him exactly what you just said to us, that you want to enjoy this part of yourself that makes you happy with him. Listen to what would help him be comfortable with it, and start small.

    That's just how I feel. I'm totally not an expert on the subject, but I have a loved one I share this sort of thing with.. and I always try to find what would make her happy with it. What she doesn't like so I don't push her too far, and just always try be open with her.

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    Hey trixiepixie, my bf has a diaper fetish and I tried it for myself last week (to his delight) a few nights later he wore for me and I was quite uncomfortable about it, so what he did was take my hand and let me explore his diapered area which made me feel better about him wearing, I'm not sure why I was uncomfortable about it at first but after some feeling and discussion I soon felt at ease

    I agree with gigglemuffinz you guys are married so u should feel comfortable enough to discuss what bothers him about you wearing, if he's open to it let him try it for himself I did (under no pressure from my boyfriend I just ordered a few samples and wore for the day) and was pleasantly shocked at how much it turned me on seeing myself padded, my boyfriend and I wore together a few nights ago and we had the most amazing sex I've ever had in my life!!

    Hope this helps

    Fyre89 x

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    I have found that if you find their fetish and incorporate it some how with your own that it helps the other person to no be so uncomfortable. I have posted a thread on here about that called Idea look at it.

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