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Thread: My first dry 24/7!

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    Default My first dry 24/7!

    After a bit of a wait my Dry 24/7 sample has arrived which i'm now proudly wearing. First impression is that the medium is a little large for my 32inch waist, but it still feels very secure! It does ride a fair bit higher than others such as Abenas or Bambinos. I find this adds to the security that it provides, but it's somewhat less discreet.

    The outer plastic is very soft and so far its extremely comfortable.

    I'll check in later with a progress update!

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    I'm glad you seem to be enjoying what you got. Nothing stinks more then getting something and then not having fun with it, having a bad time. I guess it's better that it was a little too big rather then a little too small, at least I think so!

    Have a lot more fun! You should consider keep people updated with blog posts, if only because they aren't used that often and because small personal updates feel more at home there. It would be cool to see another person using the ADISC blogs.

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    these are by far my favorite diapers

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    these are by far my favorite diapers

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    Well, i've now worn and thoroughly tested my samples! First of all, I am a 32inch waist and the mediums were a little too big for me! They leaked in my usual spot on the back of my thighs, both times, though this is after being heavily wet.

    I definitely like the height of the diaper around my waist, it helps the secure feeling. Their wicking ability is great, and even lazing about quite soaked the press out was non existent. As most people comment they are quick bulky, but i prefer bulk and security over leaks anyday! Their absorbency was very good too, but didn't live up to their reputation, over say an Abena M4 for me. The tapes, considering their supposed capacity were not great. They held up, but only just, with one side popping near the end and it was nigh impossible to get them to stick again.

    All in all, very good nappy, but probably not quite the right one for me personally. However that being said i am a firm believer that you need to wear a case to learn how best to tape them up! I am going to order a small sample and see how they go.

    Last note is that my samples weighed 203g and 232g. The difference in dry weight makes me wonder how well they are manufactured.

    Next up, my first Fabine, and oh boy is it comfy!
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