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Thread: AB related music and nursery rymes

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    Default AB related music and nursery rymes

    i was on itunes last nigh looking at music on there. I ended up downloading a load of nursery rymes. I cant stop listening to it now.

    I was curious if anyone else has nursery ryme music or the sort of music there little self likes ?


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    i play a lullaby station on pandora sometimes when i get ready to go to bed and am my "little" self at the time

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    yes, I found some children songs cd's on a garage sale, they're great - both as a trip down memory lane and as way to create the right mood.

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    I have a few music selections I like for sleepy time...

    Haven't plaied them in a bit...

    But, I need to again...

    Also have some of the kids music on the systems here...I run a kaleidescape system for music and movies on the property...but, thier music I've never really liked...

    One album I do like is called fairy nite songs...that's nice...

    Now at 9... It's like dance music or soundtrack from some game...

    When I was his age we didn't even have the Atari...I think I was like 10 when that came out.


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    I don't really listen to stuff like nursery rhymes... honestly, the music I play when regressed is mostly the same as I listen to every day, except without any hard rock/metal bands. Most of the time I end up playing some synthpop, that is, if I'm not watching a series of some sort. Notable artists include Owl City, Hurts, and of course Lights (thanks to ADISC for introducing me to that!)

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    I listen to Pink Floyd before bed. The psychadelic rock is quite soothing.... Favorites include "brain damage" "welcome to the machine" "hey you" and "another brick in the wall" (all 3 parts). Another good way to fall asleep is by listening to a recording by Arkadia that supposedly hypnotises you into a regressed state. Its mostly just relaxing for me..... Cant remember who I got the recording from though.....

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    Getting "comfortably numb" while regressed sounds the way to go! maybe I'll try listening to that next time..

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    Lol it truly is! I dont play it all the time, but its amazing how listening to Pink Floyd is so relaxing. I also used to have some recordings of me playing my lyre with a flute and drum accompaniment, but have since lost it in the transfer to my new comp. I wont be able to re record until i finish my new lyre.....

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    Better get carving dude....remember don't skimp on finish....quality is everything

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