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Thread: AB custom order from baby stores on etsy

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    Default AB custom order from baby stores on etsy

    Hi guys!

    I have a question about ordering from etsy. I'd like some cute cloth soakers, AIOs and AI2s. I know you can order from stores that specialise in adult-size cloth diapers but much of them are geared towards adult incontinence customers whereas I'd like an AB cloth diaper that looks like a baby diaper only bigger.

    If you go on etsy they have some much choice in terms of types, styles and patterns from stores that sell baby diapers. Have any of you any experience of custom ordering from these stores, asking for an adult-sized version of their normal baby cloth diapers? I think it would be awesome to order an infant-style diaper that was very bulky and another that offered more movement possibilities.

    I contacted quite a few stores. One got back saying that could do it and have before. One said they could but weren't sure what would be required in terms of absorbency for an adult. One said that they weren't interested and most just haven't got back.

    Should I tell them that its for an AB, so to make it super cute and baby-like, just like their other products? I'm worried that if I do they wouldn't be comfortable making them. On the other hand, if I don't they might downplay the babyness of it.

    Let me know if have experience or your thoughts! Thanks!

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    Here's another idea for you. I was just on this web site. I've bought 8 diapers from Monika. all in one adult baby cloth diapers
    Today she had listed 28 prints in cotton outer cover and 19 in flannel outer cover. IMO I like her 4 tape design and her diapers
    stay in place with them.

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    Thanks for the link! *sees if they ship to Europe*

    Doing some googling I found TipuTap and they are based in Latvia, Europe. :-)

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