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    Default I just bought

    My first pair of adult size footed pjs and an adult size binkie im so excited

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    Congratulations! I have the footed PJs too and I love them, only thing is they are too warm for me to use a blanket with so I have to kick the blanket off.

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    Yeah i hope my diaper don't leak while wearing them lol

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    mine hasn't yet, but i've been careful with them on.

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    I love my footed pjs! Its nice because you can turn your thermostat down and save money too! Theres still nothing like being warm and fuzzy with padding underneath!

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    Yeah its gonna feel nice to have my footed pjs on with my bambino diaper on underneath

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    That's where I got mine also. I've got a couple of pair that are almost a year old and are holding up well. Have 4 pair altogether and sleep in
    them everynight.

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