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Thread: What to do with lousy diapers?

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    Default What to do with lousy diapers?

    Hey all!

    I made the mistake of buying Walgreen's Certainty pull-up diapers. I wanted something inexpensive to tide me over until my next online purchase, and I thought the Certainty 'compare to Depends' pull-ups couldn't possibly be that bad. They are, in fact, that bad.

    They're thinner than I thought they'd be, and only take one small wetting before leaking. I could slash the backs of 5 pull-ups and wear them all at once, but that seems like a whole lot of work.

    Does anyone have any creative ideas as to what I can do with these twenty-something pull-ups?

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    Put them in a corner and use them only in case of emergency. That's about all there good for.

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    You can use them as stuffer or when you feel like you want to make a really thick diaper. Use the cheep ones on this inside then the good one last.

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    Donate them to a hospice...quickly! One where you don't know any patients.

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    Piss on them to show your disrespect... oh wait they aren't even good enough for that.

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    Default Re: What to do with lousy diapers?

    Put slits in it and wear under another diaper.

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    Dump them all used in Walgreen's parking lot to express your displeasure with their product.
    Better yet drop them off at the local Goodwill as they do work for mildly incontinent folk.

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    Default What to do with lousy diapers?

    set them on fire and put it on youtube. I'm incontinent and would probably be dryer wearing nothing than wearing those horrendous, not remotely comfortable diapers.

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    Use them with a very absorbant booster pads, and also keep them just in case you run out of supply or donate them to the needy.

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