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Thread: What is your descent?

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    Default What is your descent?

    What is your decent? Mine is Irish, German and Englsih.

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    Mine's the same as yours. English,Irish,German.

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    my descent is mixed. White, English, non-worshipping Jew on one-side so there's probably some Eastern European/Russian in there from a few centuries back via the 'Pale of'. Couldn't say for certain however.

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    Do you mean to ask: What is your lineage or heritage?
    My lineage is Irish, German and a little tiny bit of Native American.

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    I'm likely to be almost totally Italian, with maybe just a sparkle of Swiss. Boring, eh?

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    English and French

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    Cuban, Italian, German and French

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    I wish I was more German than I am of any other heritage. And I stand corrected on what I shouldve asked. I'm majorly Irish, having the pale skin of one.

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    well... I'm Irish, Italian, German, a bit of Polish and Russian, and.... that's what i can think of off the top of my head.

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