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Thread: DLism leading to IC in sex?

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    Default DLism leading to IC in sex?

    Not sure if a thread like this already exists, but couldn't find anything upon searching, so here goes...

    I am female DL and have found that since starting to indulge in mastrubating in a diaper, I have discovered that when I get too excited, I loose control of bladder and sphincter. Bladder, when wearing, is non-issue, but I dont like messing... I also don't want to completely loose control when I am with a partner. Anyone else have this issue (anyone female specifically)? any IC people here having to deal with this and have suggestions how to cope?

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    **Bear in mind that I make no claims of expertise; if you feel this is serious enough, GO SEE A DOCTOR. The internet doesn't count either!**

    Perhaps it is your body reacting to there not being anything "in there" when you climax (assuming your simply rubbing and not putting anything in there). The nerves around the bladder and sphincter are very close to the nerve endings around the vagina and could be being stimulated at or around the time of climax. Your situation seems a bit abnormal, it seems to me that many people often feel the need to go to the bathroom after intercourse.

    That is all I could come up with. If you want to keep the mess in, perhaps you could use a buttplug?

    If this seems a bit graphic, by all means delete this post or request that this be moved to Mature Topics.

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    you shouldn't be having issues with being IC, ever there's a reason why IC is labeled a medical issue.

    See a doctor about it, this is not a normal issue.

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