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Thread: What happened to ABK?

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    Default What happened to ABK?

    Anyone understand what happened to the ABK website?

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    Default Re: What happened to ABK?

    It's probably just down for maintenance.

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    It has been down for quite a while, some people say it's permanent. I don't know what happens

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    Default Anyone Speak French?

    Adult baby kingdom is down? Anyone know what that says on the home page? On-line translators are useless.

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    The online translators do a pretty good job translating what is written on the lines. What it can't help you with is what is written between the lines.

    It seems to me that have either been hacked and didn't want to go through the process of restoring the site. Alternatively, they received too much hate and trouble, and not enough (or any) community support, and therefore decided to shut down the site.

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    It's largely gibberish, I'm not sure what point they are trying to make.

    The fight ended for lack of fighters. Is that a little too melodramatic. It's like the girl who cries things like the end of the world.
    There are spectacular youth of today. Blame the american film, Jason Bourne, and everything.
    I doubt that anybody understands the subtlety of the message, even a little bit.
    Who says don't talk to idiots, it instructs.
    And what does agent K think in all this.
    Hard to say, the Russians are deceitful. That's why they win at chess.
    Yeah, and when is this capricious thing scheduled to end?
    Time to finish clearing the table.
    Now I return the apricot juice while waiting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bambusa View Post
    Can anyone translate what it says on the site right now?
    See the 2 posts above yours. There was a separate thread asking what the site's text said, which is now merged into this one.

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    Default What happened to ABK?

    The site os dead due to a lack of donations, from what I hear.

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    See the 2 posts above yours. There was a separate thread asking what the site's text said, which is now merged into this one.
    My bad. too bad to see a good site go. Sounds like the guy was drunk when he wrote that stuff.

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