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Thread: galaxy s4 or iphone 6?

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    Default galaxy s4 or iphone 6?

    Which one would you buy? I own the galaxy s3 right now

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    I'd buy the S4. But that's not important.

    Do you like the S3? If so, get the S4. If you're tired of it or want something different, and you don't need to get a new phone immediately, get the iPhone 5.

    Also depends on the OS. I'm a big fan of Android, so I would lean toward the S4 no matter the hardware.

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    I would get the S4, only because I have lost faith in all things Apple (even though I am typing this on a Mac), and personally I love Spotify so why get an iPhone for that, um, no. But I do reccommend the S4., even though I dont have a S-anything to compare it to.

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    Theres a reason to get a iphone over android?

    Other then you love to be priced gouged?

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    I'm on an S2, but would definately go for the S4. Like Naleas, I avoid Apple products like the plague. Theyre expensive, and for my needs, dont have any advantage over what Im currently using. Ive invested over 500 buck in Itunes music over the last 8 years, and when I got my new computer, it wouldnt let me authorize it. Apple has since fixed the problem, but I still lost all of my songs..... Now I get my music elsewhere......

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    and why is that all the iphones look alike? Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZakRoo View Post
    I feel out of place.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I got a HTC Aria off a friend but im not paying to get that unlocked since I don't have a Data plan from T-mobile and can't see getting one anytime soonish.

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    upgrade you guys lol i know times are tough it took me months to buy my cell and it cost 500 bucks

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