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Thread: With fecal incontinence how often do you poop?

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    Default With fecal incontinence how often do you poop?

    This is for those with fecal incontinence.

    How often do you poop, how many times a day do you do it? is it every day or every other day or what? if you do poop everyday, how many times a day is it?

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    I have issues with retention (same as with my bladder) so I tend to poop only once or twice a week, but on days I do it, I usually do it twice.

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    It depends, sometimes I end up going alot, like 3 or 4 times in a day. And sometimes it'll be more like 1 or 2.

    Just depends on what I've eaten. My digestive system's pretty normal, it's the fact that my sphincter can't hold it in when I have to go is the trick.

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    I poop alot like 3-5 times a day, that doesn't count smears. It seems like I always have a dirty diaper

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    For me the frequency of needing to poop varied constantly - I never know when it will happen and need to be able to get to a toilet very quickly if I am to avoid "going" involuntarily. Sometimes I need to "go" several times a day - other times I don't have a bowel movement for several days - I don't understand it but the unpredictability means the IC side of it is much harder to manage,

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    I wear pads/diapers all the time.Many years ago due to a medical condition I suffered from terrible diarrhea over which I had full control and the very rare accident.Not so bad as to need pads.I then had a number of urological problems that left me with severe urgency,frequency,reduced bladder capacity and strictures,most of this happened after surgery,looong story.As for my bowels,as my pain got worse my pain meds got stronger and this calmed things down.I started developing extreme pain as stool would transit through my bowel,it was if there was a restriction in one part.I was not constipated.As time went on I started getting uncontrollable bowel urgency as well as the bladder urgency.By this time I was wearing diapers 24/7.To help reduce pain I was prescribed movicol which softens the stools.All the combining factors led to nocturnal soiling,not complete emptying just dirty.So this is how things are now.I have to eat little often and be very careful what I eat or it causes me severe pain.I don't usually go to restaurants as I cannot eat even a small meal without becoming very ill.On my mothers birthday I made the effort and went to the Chinese (was a favourite of mine) I ate as much as I felt comfortable with,but by the time I got home I was suffering.Bloating,nausea,cramps,pain the lot.I diapered up for bed as usual and went to bed.To my horror In the morning my bowel had completely emptied itself without me even knowing,the smell was the first sign.
    I wear pads and pants during the day and have AIO's for night,but most nights I don't bother changing into an AIO,good job I did that night! After a takeaway the other day I have realised it's the rice that causes all these problems when eating Chinese,so will be avoiding that from now on!
    My problems have slowly built over time,progressively getting worse.I've had numerous operations,none have helped.They know what the problem is but there is nothing they can do about it.The way things are going I'm going to end up fully bladder and bowel incontinence.I have tried catheters and I use a catheter to dilate my strictures but I always get UTI's.Catheters are also a pain to use,the bag is a pain too.Occasionally I have to use a catheter overnight to allow my body to clear any excess fluid,as one drug I use for my bladder slows kidney output so not so much urine is produced,problem is this causes excess to build up.One night on the catheter I can produce up to eight litres of urine in a 6-8 hour period.So I don't get woken up when the bags full and to avoid bags at bursting point I "Plumb" two bags together and only get woken once to empty the two.Here in the UK we can't get bags or bottles over 2000mls,everywhere else in the world has them.I cant get any bigger on the NHS and no one sell any that are bigger.If I want one I'll have to buy one abroad.
    So as for soiling,every night,as for full blown blow out that only happens once a month at night,though it has happened in the day.I have extreme trouble fighting the urgency forcing it out and getting to the toilet.As the toilet is only 10 feet away on flat ground I'm usually OK.If it was a distance away or I had to climb stairs to get to it there is NO WAY I can hold it,none.

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    I think Silver 76 has highlighted one of the worse aspects of any kind of incontinence- and especially fecal incontinence - that is the lack of predictability which can leave you thinking you will be able to manage and then cause you very nasty surprises. I think from what is now quite a long experience of being IC that the only way to feeling comfortable is to be prepared and have something on your butt that will cope however bad the involuntary evacuation might be. This can be expensive but the alternative is not something i like to think about!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    This is for those with fecal incontinence. How often do you poop, how many times a day do you do it? is it every day or every other day or what? if you do poop everyday, how many times a day is it?
    I'm not sure why you are asking... but, okay I'll bite. I average 3 bowel movements in a day. On bad days or days with IBS episodes, it can be up to 7 bowel movements in a day. I have a very overactive bladder and bowel and I usually do my best to avoid messing my pants (ie, get to a toilet). However, I usually cannot about 25% of the time. It just happens too quickly. Naturally, it depends on how much and what I eat, so I try to avoid certain foods and eat smaller, more frequent meals.

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    I really varies as of how my IBS is acting that week, some times it once a day other time it two or three time a day and I'll even wake up messy. I have a neurogenic bladder so I'm always in diapers.

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    every day, at least a couple times. sometimes its better or worse but it happens and i do the best i can with it

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