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    hey all,
    Last week was a very exciting for me...

    Two months ago i was telling my current GF (whos not living with me right now, we're not from the same country. soon we will be ) about my diaper loving. she took it very well! for a long time i didn't have the courage to tell anyone about it (the last time my ex gf found out, she was super mad and told me i need to get cured).

    last week my GF was visiting me for 5 days. one day she just offered to diaper me. i was so excited! plus she did it not bad at all... after that, she even asked me if i want har to try it too. of course i said yes and we both went to sleep diapered. she was admiting it wasn't that comfortable and was pretty embarassing but on the other hand, she's very happy it makes me feel good.
    the feeling of diapers throwing around in my appartment, while i'm not alone, is something very big for me.

    What a girl friend!

    sorry for grammar mistakes, my main lang is Hebrew...

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    Hey congrats. There is nothing better than knowing that someone is okay with who you are and supports you, even if she doesn't like wearing herself!

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    Very happy for you! As Bambusa said, it's great to have a partner that not only accepts you being a DL but is happy to indulge you. Seems like you've found a keeper!

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    Lucky man. I am still trying to find the courage to tell my wife of 9 years.

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    Thank you all. she's definitely a keeper!

    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedInHesperia View Post
    Lucky man. I am still trying to find the courage to tell my wife of 9 years.
    I knew I have to tell her if I wonna be with her... I wanted her to know everything about me (and it was not easy at all).
    hope you'll find the right time to tell your wife.

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