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    So I've recently placed an order with, who is affiliated with super undies. Super Undies seems to have a stellar reputation, but I am having a really hard time getting a hold of them via email or phone. I received an email after placing my order, but all other attempts at correspondence have failed. Has anyone else experienced this? I have questions to ask them, but can't get anyone to respond.

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    I have had problems with communication with them, they are very slow to respond if they respond at all. But I have always got my order and the times I have gotten a response they were really helpful.

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    I suspected as much. It seems they are a good company, but like most small businesses, they lack the time/resources to respond promptly.

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    If they are a small company they are probably not staffed at all over the weekend. Perhaps try calling again on Monday?

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    Since the beginning of the year they have been slow in responding to emails. I emailed them in december and had a response back in a day but it took 3 days for a response in January. I am thinking that with the formal launch of their adult super undies they may have seen an increase in business and are a little overwhelmed at the moment. I will second the other poster in saying I have always gotten my product and I love my super undies.

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    I did hear back from them this week. They were very friendly and very quick to get my order together. Will arrive this week. I guess they just got backed up. Will post a review later!

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    I wish postage wasn't so high to the UK, would love to try their products

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    The fact that the diapers only go up to 36" has driven me to lose two inches! Haha!

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