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Thread: Crazy Fox is Crazy, setup 25 (yes, 25th setup)

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    Default Crazy Fox is Crazy, setup 25 (yes, 25th setup)

    So, as known I change something drastically in the setup atleast once a month, this time it was a overhaul to the old sub system, yup, thats right, its changed.

    Subwoofer : MTX Audio T. 6000 10's (x2)

    amplifier : Kenwood KAC 829 600W

    ... so, what do we have now?

    Amplifier : Rockford Fosgate T4004 (good for 800w rms )
    Subwoofer : Audiopulse RV10D2 REVO 10" (dual 2)

    yes, a single 10, buying em both soon... preferably within the next 3 weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakethefox View Post
    Noise Violation D:

    Class A Violation, 120$ fine D:
    LOL you gotta post up a copy of that ticket!

    who was it that reported you?

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    that crazy chick, I know it, only person who cares about the system, and I cant do that, thats illegal D:

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