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Thread: You'll now have to use your real names on adisc, if this law passes.

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    Default You'll now have to use your real names on adisc, if this law passes.

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    (disclaimer: I'm Canadian, so this doesn't really directly impact me).

    Reading just the summary, it sounds like it only becomes an issue if someone wants to remove something you've said.

    This is actually a topic I'm greatly conflicted on. The bill itself is silly, but the problem is real. People have very little recourse when someone anonymously attacks them on the internet. There have been cases where lives have been thrown into complete termoil because some idiot kid thought it would be funny. Irreversible damage to reputation done, and in the end the victim gets a shrug and a "it's the internet, not much we can do".

    Yet on the opposite end, the ability to speak anonymously is very powerful, and at minimum forcing people to use their real names opens up all kinds of safety issues.

    I actually think the concept of the bill has some merit (and this is coming from an EFF contributer and someone who believes strongly in online rights with due pragmatism) but the practical implications don't work. The potential for abuse is way too high, and the ease of getting around it makes it pointless anyway.

    Putting liability on people who run websites (the other oft proposed solution) similar to how traditional media works is also highly impractical on the internet.

    I really don't have an opinion on a solution.

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    Meh, something like this has been tried before, this will go the same way, it won't pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FauxPas View Post
    Meh, something like this has been tried before, this will go the same way, it won't pass.
    Your hopefully right. But they'll keep trying and trying until it does pass, or until the public wakes up and smells the bullshit.

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    We have health care it was pushed so far up you know what. We told them no.

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    It never ceases to amaze me how the American public can elect the most stupid people into the legislature. I wish politicians would leave the internet alone. Frankly, they're too stupid to understand it. I understand that every person has the right to face their accuser, but if you don't like the internet, stay off it. The net is the last frontier. It's the only place we get to be who we really are. It's like being on board the star ship Enterprise, finding and exploring new solar systems and galaxies. I don't want to go back to main street.

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    State legislatures are known for being comprised of not-so-bright people. My home state, after the Tea Party wave, had a couple of legislators pushing to force all new laws to cite what part of the Magna Carta gave government the authority to pass it.

    This is just another crazy idea from a state rep that will go nowhere.

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    Default You'll now have to use your real names on adisc, if this law passes.

    I'm not in favor of anonymity. within 10 years I expect the concept of anonymity to not even come close to existing, and really what's the problem with that?

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    Even though we don't have a direct democracy here, we do elect our legislators, so we could easily weed out all the stupid ones and elect only the smart ones. The division between the smart ones and stupid ones is so readily apparent I have no idea why we haven't already done this. The ones who agree with our opinions are smart and the ones who disagree are stupid. It's just that simple! The polls must be rigged!! How else can we explain the number of stupid people who get elected?

    Quote Originally Posted by incontinentGM24 View Post
    I'm not in favor of anonymity.
    I agree to the extent that anyone posting information about anyone else should be required to identify themselves, with certain limited exceptions granted for personal safety. However, I would be concerned about the "Big Brother" aspect if there is too much information available.
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    There are things that need saying that I DO NOT want my day to day identity associated with.

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