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Thread: Weird "Moments" With People You Barely Know

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    Default Weird "Moments" With People You Barely Know

    Today I went to see on of my friends after a slam poetry thing. One boy, who I've to date mostly interacted with silently and from across a room comes up. He's shivering because he was so hyped up from doing his poems. I lifted my hand in greeting and he pressed his hand against mine in what would have been a high five, except it lasted for nearly three minutes while we had our first real conversation. Not really sure what happened there.
    Has anyone else ever had weird, unexplainable "moments" with near strangers?

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    I was once walking my dog and this kid asked me if I could just pretend to know him for 30 seconds to not have to interact with someone and we ended up talking for a good 3-4 hours.

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    I was hit upon constantly by various males when I was in college. I'm not sure that counts, but it was almost always disturbing. It got to the point where in our dorm, written in permanent marker in one of the stalls was "I want to f**k dogboy" (my real name, of course). One time I was walking around the block outside of school, and a car started to follow me. The window rolled down and some guy asked me for a match. I was smoking at the time. Then they complimented my shirt, and then they asked if I wanted to get into the car. I said no and kept walking.

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    I was on my 6th grade field trip to Washington DC. The name of the school I was attending at the time was called 'Tri-Valley'. So every student on the trip was given a yellow ball cap with black letters "TV". I was in a museum when this weird guy walks up to me. I suspect he must have been homeless, because his clothes were all dishevels and dirty and his eair was all messed up. Anyhow, he asks me if I am with TV. But before I could answer he asks if he could be on TV. I looked at my friends who were standing there by me and we didn't know what to do with this guy. Then the guy asks "you don't want to talk about TV?" and then gets all weird and ticked off and walks away saying "Fine, forget TV!"

    I looked back at my friends and was like, what the heck was that all about?"

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