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    Post Hi All

    I've visited ADISC many times in the past as a result of searches and finally decided to join.

    I always had trouble with minor wetting as a kid and as a young man (laughing, waiting just a bit too long, etc.), which developed into full incontinence about 20 years ago. Literally woke up one morning in retention and by that afternoon was peeing uncontrollably, in conjunction with a host of major issues. Took years to get a diagnosis; an extremely rare genetic condition. I recovered some control after several years, but I still need diapers on bad days and always at bedtime (Abena X-Plus when out, cloth at home).

    I'm a 2x cancer survivor and recently widowed. I'm still in the process of figuring out my interests now that I'm on my own. I hope to do more traveling.

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    Welcome Sounds like a rough ride! Where have you been travelling so far?

    I've done Europe and a chunk of South East Asia myself. Planning to do a trip to Rajastahn in India this summer.

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    Welcome aboard. A nice place to escape to, and yes there's a lot of well pretty strange, yet funny and caring people around here. They haven't scolded me yet, and I do carry on a bit.... So they're also pretty accepting. Have fun.

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    Life is a rough ride for everyone. It's how we hold on that makes the difference. I have no complaints (except for ignorant doctors) and choose to make the best out of everything I've been through.

    When I was younger I traveled extensively: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Later it was Europe and Brazil. Lately it's been Mexico and the Caribbean.

    Traveling can be difficult now with the luggage restrictions and security. Nothing like half your suitcase and carry on filled with diapers (lots of room for souvenirs by the end of the journey), and dealing with TSA pat downs trying to avoid anymore radiation than is necessary.

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