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    Default Questions About Nuk Products

    i wanna get a nuk 5 at some point but was wondering how good a nuk size 3 is ? cause a store near me sales them

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    I don't own a nuk 5 so I can't compare the two, but as far as storebought pacis go it is among the best you can get. However, I personally find that due to the shape it slides out of my mouth much easier than the MAM 6+.

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    Default Questions About Nuk Products

    Nuk 5 are actually meant for adult mouths while Nuk 3 are not. In my opinion a 5 is nontrivially better, even though the shape of the dummy is the same.

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    I like both actually but NUK 5 is better cause I can get a better fit in my mouth.

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    They shape is the same but it is the length and width of the teat that matters. The 5 is meant for adults so it does less damage to your mouth. I have used both. The 3 is so tiny and hurt my teeth really bad. Now that I use the five I have no pain. It is just so much better

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    The latex Nuk 3 slip out, but if you can get them in a store nearby, may as well try them. Toddler sized pacifiers are getting harder to find around here - parents want to get their kids off them really young, it seems, these days.

    The silicone OrthoStar ones, with the knob rather than the handle, are longer, mostly in the neck, for a size 3, so will slip out less. (And are even harder to find in stock where I am than the latex.) Similar length to a stock Nuk 4 (school age children, adults with little mouths) - using a different shield at the factory like the knob ones, or modding 4s and 5s to have Binky shields, seems to make them longer. The size 2's comparable to a traditional Nuk 3. It's not much bigger at the bulb end, and both are smaller there than the latex. Nuk 3 and 4 latex bulbs are nearly the same size, almost 1/4" smaller across than the 5.

    So there's some data for you, when shopping...

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    i think ill just have one of my paci's customized and pay the out rageous price for it

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    I love my NUK MedicPro Therapeutic trainer size large. I bought it for about 5.99 (7.88$ USD). The only pity is that it is plain white.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maximilian View Post
    The only pity is that it is plain white.
    We got you covered.

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    Thank you Vexxus!

    Now I have a new project for the Weekend...

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