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Thread: Question about tapes on Huggies diapers

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    Default Question about tapes on Huggies diapers

    Even if I promised myself not to buy any diapers while still being with parents, the urge is now too strong xD

    So I'm not sure if I should buy Pampers (like last time) or go with Huggies. One thing that disappointed me with the latter (back in 2009) was their tape design, too squarish and barely stretchable at all (unlike Pampers diapers which were in fact pretty comfortable to wear considering their size!).

    So I would like to know, do Huggies Snug & Dry or Overnites now have better tape design? Do they stretch by at least a couple inches? I could go with Pampers but they're scented, while Huggies are not. That'd help me keeping my stash secret, which is an absolute must LOL.

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    Yeah, the Huggies remain pretty unstretchable. You would think that over the course of 3 years they would try to innovate, but alas, they remain as they were in 2009.

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