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Thread: So I knew my wife was comfortable with my diapers, but not this much!

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    Default So I knew my wife was comfortable with my diapers, but not this much!

    My wife and I are a young couple. We still socialize a lot, and talk about some crazy stuff with our friends. Well, I happen to know that my wife shared with her two best friends that I like to wear diapers. She is accepting of it and always tells me that she wishes she had something that she could just put on to make her feel better.

    Anyway, one of the girls that knew about my diaper habit came over the other day. I was relaxing, because it was my day off. I had pajama pants on, but apparently you could still hear my diapers (I didn't think they were noticeable). My wife started showing her friend our new home (we have only been here a few months). She brought her to each room, though I expected her to skip the spare bedroom because it was a mess and was also where I kept my diapers.

    My wife's clothes take up the closet space in our bedroom so I keep my clothes and diapers in the spare bedroom closet. Lo and behold my wife opens up the spare bedroom door and invites her friend in!!! There is a diaper in plain sight as well as powder!

    When my wife's friend left, I said to her that I was surprised that she showed her friend the spare bedroom. I said it was a mess, and there was a diaper in plain sight. She said that she might not have seen it, but it didn't matter because her friend already knew I wore diapers! I was surprised that my wife was so calm about her friends knowing.

    I said to her that I was still surprised, and my wife said something along the lines of, "Well, it's not like she couldn't hear that you were wearing one anyway." I told her that she wouldn't have heard that, because I could barely hear it. My wife told me I was in denial, and that it was obvious.

    In the end, I'm lucky to have such an open-minded and accepting wife. But it never ceases to amaze me just how accepting she is!

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    My wife isn't that open, but it's awesome that you're she's so open about that. Makes me envious granted my wife is also an AB so that might be it.

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    My wife is more comfortable with my diapers than I am at times. Last night she asked of I had tried out my new binkie again yet. Totally like it was no thang. She'll handle my diapers and comment on the softness, "Ooh, I bet you love this one. It's so crinkly!" Maybe I just embarrass easy, or I'm not used to her knowing yet, but I's surprising sometimes!

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    Maybe I just embarrass easy, or I'm not used to her knowing yet, but I's surprising sometimes!
    It's so true! I spent so long thinking that I should be ashamed, I can't get over someone being so accepting!

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    I would like to think my GF would be accepting, but part of me has my doubts. It is nice though to hear that an SO can be accepting and at such a level

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    My wife is very accepting, and even reads me "little" stories for bedtime. I'm also glad that she protects my privacy. If we are having a repairman coming to the house, she'll ask me if "things" are put away. I'm usually pretty careful.

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    My wife rarely participates in any manner like reading stories, or changing diapers, but she is soooo 100% accepting.

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    She isn't embarrassed about having a husband wearing them. But she should still respect you. If you don't want anyone knowing, she shouldn't tell anyone about it. Even if she thinks it's obvious you have one on, she should still keep quiet about it and not make a big deal about it. Lot of people won't say anything about it, especially her friends.

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    It's nice to hear that your wife is accepting, but it would have been even nicer if she'd asked your permission before showing her friend the spare room.

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