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Thread: I think there may be something to the obesity epidemic.

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    Default I think there may be something to the obesity epidemic.

    Here is the reason. I was at Target the other day looking for some panties and I walked through the little girls section. What I discovered was awesome and depressing.

    There was the coolest kid-like girly clothing. Here is the awesome. They sell these clothes in x-large size that after purchasing and trying on fit me very well. Here is the depressing. I am a 40+ 180lb man. Why are there children's clothing in sizes that fit me. Don't get me wrong. I will be shopping that section in the future. But are girls that big nowadays? what would be the expected ages of these girls? I would assume no older than 13 years old or they would be shopping in the ladies section. I can fit into one of their bikini bathing suits? (which by the way comes with this cute skirt)

    As a father of a girl entering into her adolescent years i will be monitoring her eating habits. I would hate to be able to raid my young daughter's closet no matter how convenient it might be.

    To make clear. I am not trying to be creepy. But little girls clothing should definitely not fit me. Maybe a parent of an obese child would begin to think twice about their size if the only clothing available was in the large woman section. Which, by the way is where I usually shop.

    The flip side is that if you sissies want a great selection of kid-like girlie clothing, shop at the Target girls section. X-large.

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    As the mother of two young adult girls, and grandmother of a 7 year old girl, (not to mention being female myself)...I'm fairly cognizant of the sizes/departments in gir
    Actually..."girls" XL is usually around a size 18/20 (sometimes 16/18) Girls' clothing is sized differently than boys, as girls "develop" differently. The "Girls" department in any department store (Target, Walmart, etc) usually caters to the 8-14 or 15 year old crowd (younger girls are in the children's department and older girls would be in women's). I do not know how tall you are (your age and weight don't really mean's about your dimensions.

    For instance, I can wear tops in the XL girl's sizes...but not the bottoms (my hips are far too wide having birthed two babies). I'm only 5'2-1/2" and I wish I could fit into the pants & skirts meant for young teens, but alas, I'll have to be satisfied with buying t-shirts & sweaters, etc. in that department.

    Again, I can't stress enough that it's about measurements. Basically if your chest is 35-38 inches, your waist 27-30 inches, and your hips 37-40 inches you can probably fit into a 'girls' L/XL. That said, the sleeve length or the torso-length of tops and the 'rise' in jeans or shorts may not fit properly.

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    I can still fit in a girls size small but I almost never see any girls that big.

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    My sister isn't quite 13 and my mom has to buy her clothes in the juniors section. The only difference in clothing for both of us is pretty much bra and pant size. But I am 7 1/2 months pregnant. Mind you my hips are still bigger than hers. And no my sister is not fat, she isn't skinny or short either.

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    Oh gawd, it's no epidemic. It's being laaaazy.

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    its a lazy epidemic. It's now a world where it's ok to be a fat slob (apparently). Even though we are told how role models for women are "unrealistic", it doesnt seem to have the profound impact on young girls self esteem (or belt line) that the protesters say.

    Dare I say that fat girls have less self esteem? If they cared they wouldnt be fat.

    That being said, everything from size 7 diapers to kids Tshirts that my 20 something year old self can fit into sure seems like a good thing!

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