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Thread: Sports (riding horses) with incontinence

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    Default Sports (riding horses) with incontinence

    Hi Everyone

    I have some troubles, with my incontinence when doing sports. I like riding horses but have to wear some kind of protection at the moment Tena Pants discrete they hold for the hour riding and then I have to change. Sometimes especially when I am wet the Tena is ripped apart through the movement, the inner side of the pants is ripped of. I have tried different ones but I had similar Problems with all kinds of diapers or Pants. I also have Problems going an longer trips with my horse, because I don't trust that the small pants for a longer time.

    Is anyone out there how is riding horses and has to / or wants to wear diapers on the back of a horse or does anyone know what I can do to protect my protection from the excessive movement?

    Thanks for our reply


    PS Please excuse my bad English.

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    Only possible idea I can come up with is try looking into cloth diapers. Dependeco makes an All-in-one (AIO) diaper, which means that it has it's own protective barrier built-in. I an several others on this site have bought them. Others on here are discovering that these cloth diapers are holding just as much as an Abena M4! The cloth diapers from Dependeco Diapers have 4 strong velcro tabs and stay in place very well! I am sure that given all the rigorous bouncing and moving around in the saddle , a cloth diaper would probably be your best bet at a diaper that wont fall apart. A side benefit is that they are washable and reusable, thereby saving money!

    Just a thought

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    I guess if you're happy with the amount of absorption the Tena Pants are giving you, but you are just worried about them breaking up, maybe an option would be to wear something like tight fitting cycling shorts over the pants (usually made of Lycra) this is something I do allot if I'm wearing protection as it does a pretty good job of protecting against leaks too.
    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Sports (riding horses) with incontinence

    All of Tena's product's padding breaks up. Same goes for attends. They all start sagging into the middle and before you know it you have one huge lump of padding in one spot.

    There's only a few brands that don't tend to do that as much. you won't find any decent ones in stores because they are made cheaper for higher gain.

    The continued roughness of horseback riding will degenerate any disposables. Reusable cloth diapers will be your best bet as someone said above me. They definitely won't be as discreet. Or you could try a type catheter like device.

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    Try plastic pants over your protection. If that doesn't work then re-usable cloth might be the way to go.

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    Thanks for your reply's. I will try some tight shorts today in my riding lesson. Maybe it helps. I still hope i can find a way to wear some more absorbent underwear when I go an longer trip's in spring.

    Thanks for your help. I will report my experience, maybe anyone else could use it.


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    You could also consider an AIO cloth diaper cover over the disposable, or go fully cloth such as from This Etsy store here She also has thin AIO covers for going over disposables that will help against leaks and not be very bulky.

    But a good quality disposable with lycra biking shorts over them under your riding jeans would work well too.

    Taken from some experience myself.

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    try tena slip maxi or molicare super plus, with a tight all in one (the Abena Bodystocking is great) to keep it tight.

    this should last longer than a few hours and the bodystocking keeps it in place and prevents it from sagging or braking up.

    If that doesn't work then cloth as others have said is your best option.

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    Thanks for your Messages. I tried some tight shorts on Friday in my lesson. It worked fine and I think I can try some more absorbent Protection next week too. I will keep posting my progress, and the final solution, as soon as I have it.

    Thanks Annie

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