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Thread: Cuddlz Onesie, washing instructions?

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    Thumbs up Cuddlz Onesie, washing instructions?

    I just got a super cute cuddlz onesie... It's lovely and soft with dinosaurs on it great stuff! It doesn't come with any washing instructions however and I don't want it to lose its fluffiness! Does anyone have one? Can I just bung it in with my normal colour wash?


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    just me who owns this?! I can confirm that it's really really cosey by the way! fluffiest onesie ever (way better than the one I made myself!)

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    I don't quite know what you are referring to. But it's the 'fluffy' part of your comment that caused me to respond. I have several microfiber blankets. I can tell you from experience that if you want the 'fluffiness' to remain for as long as you can keep it, then you need to wash your fluffy soft onesie with other soft fluffy things. If you do not have other fluffy things, then wash it by itself. If you wash it with other regular clothes, then the material of the other clothes will wreck the fluffiness of the onesie as the clothes brush up against each other while in the wash machine.
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    Hey, thanks :-)

    What I meant was that clothes in the UK normally have a label on them telling you how to wash them but the onesie didn't. labels like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do you guys not have them?

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    I have one of these - I wash it on its own.

    And I agree btw, it's very cosy and nice

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    Personally I wash all my ABDL stuff on there own baby cycle in the washing machine. Kind of paranoid that its going to get damaged so always use the baby cycle unless its something like dungarees.

    Probily more helpful to you is this... It says on the Cuddlz website under the onesie size charts...

    "We would recommend washing on a 30 Degree Wash and hang to dry - not tumble dry."

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    Labels don't always in the neck line, just saying..

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    I've checked all over for a label! Maybe they forgot to include one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by digime View Post

    "We would recommend washing on a 30 Degree Wash and hang to dry - not tumble dry."

    huh, must have missed that, thanks

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    I have 3 cuddlz onesies , fleece and regular. I usually wash them solo and dry them solo. I don't want fuzzies getting everywhere from the fleece. also make sure everything is snapped when drying , you don't want your buttons clanging around all over in the dryer. So far I have washed them 4 times since receiving them and I have not noticed any damage.

    Also I wasn't worried about shrinking because they were a bit large to start, My attempts to shrink the regular worked out well and it is really snug fit now. The fleece didn't seem to shrink at all in hot water.

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