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Thread: Question for any DL Women on here...

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    So yeah, to ask a potentially skeezy question: what do you do when your period rolls along? Do you not wear diapers for those few days? Stay in them and just use them like a pad, or combine them with whatever sanitary products you use for those days?

    (and yes, I am a girl myself making a curious enquiry)

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    Obviously I'm not a girl, but I have heard of girls using diapers on their period. It makes sense, I suppose, given how absorbent diapers are compared to other things. Actually, I read not long ago an article suggesting that women use diapers instead of other means because it works better (and that wasn't even a DL site or anything, so clearly it's a common solution). Once again, I'm not a girl and I don't know from experience, but that's what I read.

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    Im not a woman either, but i have heard of a number of women that find it gross the leak out into a diaper which has a larger surface area, normally they use a tampon or a pad in the diaper.
    I will never tell you how i got this information, but it is true!

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    My wife on her heavier days at night will wear a depend real fit. I have them for if I decide I need a nap. She does not add any other product in just puts it on.

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    I still wear them and I use soft cups now to reduce the mess.

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    I wear diapers for my IC issues (unless I want a wet bed or whatever-else) so when my period comes around I still wear diapers as I would normally at home / at night. I might change them more often to be sanitary and feel fresh but that's all.

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    Softcup | Softcup Mentrual Cup, The New Generation in Period & Feminine Protection

    Basically a small, flexible 'cup', inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluid.

    I usually use a tampon, or just don't wear diapers.

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    im a guy but one of my ex girlfriends wore diapers on her heavy period days/to bed that night. she wasnt an ab/dl, its just what she found worked for her

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    I dont wear very often, but i have tried the diaper on period days thing and found that changing often is best (just as with pads for that matter). It's really a personal thing you should just go ahead and try for yourself.

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