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Thread: Cotton Contour Diapers?

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    Default Cotton Contour Diapers?

    Hey everyone.

    So the wife and I are trying to save some money and give cloth diapers a shot. I was checking out amazon and I saw these diapers from Baby Pants. I had two questions:

    1. Has anyone tried these/are they worth the $25?

    2. In the product description it says 4x8x4 or 6x10x6. What do those measurements indicate?


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    You should check They might help on size and such.

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    I believe those indicate the number of panels. Left, Middle, Right. The ones with more are gauze and less are birdseye. I've got these and they are wonderful. I also use the Snapees they sell instead of Diaper pins and that is a very nice combination. If you are going to use these at night, then you may need some boosters.

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    I have 3 of their 4 x 8 x 4 twill prefolds. They are made in China. I also have 4 of the 4 x 10 x 4 twill prefolds from changingtimesdiaperco. I will order from changingtimesdiaperco or rearz (same diaper), If I need more diapers.
    a prefold and a contour are different styles of diapers. The contour will have some material cut out of the area between the legs to reduce the bulk.

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    "4x8x4" describes the thickness of the diaper: Four layers on the sides, eight layers down the middle. Also, when deciding on a size, be sure to account for the ~15% shrinkage that will happen over the first few washes!

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    may i suggest to you this Adult Flannel Diapers

    idk if you would want prints on your diaper but there is a option on that website if you wish to look at those be my guest. they are pretty decent diapers

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