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    Ok so I am going to bring up the subject of plastic pants. I have never used them and I am wondering if they work very well...I wear tranquility ATN until I find something I like better (something with a cloth like backing instead of plastic). My wife was saying I should consider using these. Would my pee leak out anyways with the cover?

    Also while im on it maybe someone might know. Absorbancy wise how well does ABcuahies compare to my Tranquility ATN?

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    Plastic pants are needed with cloth diapers. They may help preventing leaks in certain areas with disposables, but may just spread the wetness. ATN's are ok, but for night time I prefer cloth with plastic pants.

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    I've avoided a number of leaks causing me cleanup by wearing plastic pants over some lower capacity disposables when I wanted to flood. I definitely think that they could help with any leaking issues.

    From what I understand Cushies are more of a comfort diaper and less of a functional diaper than a dry 24/7, bambino, abena, molicare, however I expect that they might do a better job than the ATN's.

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    Yeah well as someone who hopes to wear 24-7 one day I wanna find a few different diapers for a few different purposes. I am not gonna just wear 1 kind of diaper for everything.

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    I wear plastic pants with all my diapers whether disposables or cloth. Come hot weather i might curtail wearing them when I'm outside walking in the heat.
    Then I'll probably wear my Attends Breatheable in the mornings. I still want to wear my cloth ones most of the time. I want them to help contain leaks
    whenever that might happen.

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    I wear ATNs and I've found that they are extremely helpful with reducing small amounts of wetness from escaping, but they won't hold too much so it is basically just a bit of protection when you get to the point where your diaper is starting to leak. Don't keep using it once you hit that point.

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    Something is needed under the plastic pants for absorption. That could be underwear or a cloth diaper. Some companies produce a lined plastic pant; I use these, made by Babykins/Kins, in Vancouver, Canada. I use the terrycloth-lined pant, the one made of vinyl coated polyester material. These are the most durable and functional over-pant I've found.

    I have mine made with an extra 2" rise, to better fit over disposable diapers. Jenny, the owner, is accommodating with special requests. I've suggested she offer these regularly. Perhaps if there's more demand she will.

    I wear Dry 24/7 (and am currently hoarding my stash until they become widely available again.) Since I started with this brand, 15 months ago, they have leaked on me only once. I had a lined plastic pant on over them. Abena's leak more often, perhaps once a week, or more. However, never once has a leak gone beyond the lined plastic pant. This combination is secure and practical.

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