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Thread: Anyone ever have any friends or family that showed signs of being AB/DL?

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    Default Anyone ever have any friends or family that showed signs of being AB/DL?

    I have been an AB/DL (15% AB & 85% DL to be exact ) since I was a real baby in my first round of wearing diapers. When I was very young, I didn't realize it was something to be quiet about, as I asked my mom regularly to be put back in diapers and pulled countless stunts to achieve this. All of these events must have been between ages 3-8 for me.

    While failing to realize that I shouldn't be shouting out my desires to wear diapers again all over town, It didn't help that I had two cousins my age doing slightly the same thing. My extended family was very large and close with tons of kids, with three other boys my age. Looking back on it now, I'm pretty sure it was because of my influence that they bought into the whole diaper thing.. But it is still a bit of a Chicken or the Egg situation.

    We went on diaper heists together, stealing baby diapers from the younger cousins. Most of my memories were of them thinking the whole thing was "funny" and me being the only one to put them on and use them. But there were times they did things on their own. I remember going over to one of their houses and being showed a little diaper Haul he was hiding under a chair in his room, but he hadn't done anything with them.. It was more of "Hey man, aren't you impressed that I stole these? Alright, lets put them back." .. As if he had missed the entire point. There were also times all three of us put them on, but I may have been the only one enjoying them. The main reason i think this, is because I was the only one to every bring it up and always made the plan whenever we did anything diaper related. Sometimes they would shrug when I brought it up.

    Because they bought into the diaper thing, it made it harder to understand that every kid didn't. That's why School was the thing that embarrassed me out of my diaper desire every once in a while, but forever silenced me. I do think that most likely, because these two cousins (one younger by 9 months, the other by a year) looked up to me at the time, I some how validated something as strange as an abnormal interest in diapers.. But the only thing disrupting that theory was that my other cousin, who was my age, but the older brother of the cousin 9 months younger than I, was so repulsed whenever we did any of the diaper stuff. He would ridicule us, get angry, and then leave. Once he even tipped off the parents to one of our heists.. My poor mom. It's horrifying now to think how he felt that I was the bad influence in all of that to her two sisters' kids.

    Later in life there were a few conversations and clues that may have linked them to actually being AB/DL, but I couldn't ever bring it up. I was pretty sure I was the only one in lower school, then middle school, then high school, and now in present time that still loved and snuck around with diapers. It made me feel very alone, because I was spoiled with minions for a few brief years of my early childhood. But as I grew up, I realized that it wouldn't have been right to want to involve my cousins or be open about my Diaper Fetish anymore, because thats exactly what it was, a sexual fetish. At the time it was innocent, but it lost it's innocence after puberty.

    Any way, did anyone else have any experiences like this? I'd love if everyone would share!


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    One time, when I was in 8th grade, I walked into the study hall room after lunch, and the room was empty except for two of my friends, who weren't even aware I was there. Some kid walked in the room, then turned right around and went out, declaring "I have to go piss." One of the other two said, "Why don't you go in your diaper?" The third kid replied, "Dude, I don't wear diapers." The first one then said as the other was leaving, "Why not? Diapers are amazing, dude. Doesn't anyone else wear diapers?" He looked around the room, still seeming oblivious to the fact I was there. I was too shy to speak up, but then the other kid approached him and was trying to be quiet (though not doing a good job of it, as I could hear him across the room) and said, "Dude... you wear diapers? I do too!" The other was like, "Really? Dude, no way man." Then his friend said, "Dude, I am NOT even kidding you right now." This kid I had known for years, and he never took anything seriously in his life. He was a class clown. But when he said that one sentence, there was an odd seriousness in his voice that I'd never heard before.

    They carried on their conversation in quieter voices and so I didn't hear the rest, but I decided after that to spy on them a little bit. A couple days later, I observed them sitting next to each other at computers looking up diapers on the internet. The next year, I tried being sly and tricking one of them into admitting it, but I never could get him to say a word about it to me, and denied ever having the conversation that I told him I overheard. He just wouldn't admit it. But I was there, I know what I saw and what I heard. They were most certainly DLs.

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    I once got a friend into diapers when we were much younger.

    In the earlier years of my interest, I would occasionally sneak baby diapers from the nursery of the church I attended and wear them. I had no idea what a fetish was, nor did I have any idea about any mature topics... All that I knew was that I liked diapers for some reason, and that was the only way to acquire them.

    One day I challenged a friend of mine to sneak in and do the same thing as I usually do; to take one of the spare diapers from the nursery and wear it. I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking to be honest. Convinced I wouldn't do it, he agreed to do it, but ONLY if I did it first. Little did he know that I had done it many times. So, about 10 minutes later I returned wearing one of them, and showed him the waistline of my shorts revealing the telltale top of a diaper. His jaw dropped.

    Being someone who keeps his promises, he disappeared for a few minutes and came back wearing one too. We were both killing ourselves laughing at the situation, but likely for very different reasons. We walked outside where he admitted that, and I quote "they don't feel that bad, do that?".

    That was the first and last time I had ever heard even the slightest hint that he liked wearing diapers.

    Those were certainly interesting days.

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