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Thread: Telling my first relative that I am AB/DL

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    Default Telling my first relative that I am AB/DL

    Well I sent a criptic e-mail to my cousin (before I told my wife) that I had a situation in my life that we talked about very briefly and with no detail 10 years ago when I became suicidal and I am ready to address it now. After I told my wife and really began to understand and accept my AB/Dl I sent her a more detailed message and told her I like to wear diapers. A long time went by and then I finally got an Answer sunday. She was not surprised at all. She thinks that with the way are family toilet trained kids it no surprise that the whole pack of us don't have issues.

    I am responding to the information that she sent about the way we were toilet trained. (FYI: including my one cousin started to toilet trained her kids at 6 (SIX) months of age at my Aunt's insistance(sircu 1965))

    Once again open dialog and the information from ADISC is helping me understand more and more about who I am and why I feel the way I do.

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    Hi Dungion, were you suicidal 10 years ago over being ABDL?

    I hope you have found acceptance within yourself, about being ABDL and everything goes smoothly.

    I don't think that being being toilet trained that early means that you have issues, but i am glad your wife sounds understanding.

    Best of luck to you.

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    No it was not over being AB/DL, and there was a lot more issues. Over time I have been able to address each layer of my make up and find out what is "wrong" and learn to cope with it.

    I am like "Shrek", I am an onion, Onions have layers.

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