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Thread: Abenas leaking

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    Default Abenas leaking

    Several weeks ago I ordered a pack of plastic backed M4s and in the last week I finally got the opportunity to try them out, and so far I am very disappointed. I've tried them out a few times now and every time they end up leaking where they meet the thighs as I'm sitting down. They seem to sit pretty loosely against the skin on the backside. I expected so much more from these, and I can get a lot better performance from Tranquility, which is generally considered a lower quality diaper. Anyone else have this problem? Any tips that might help? I use a booster and plastic pants.

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    Heh... It sounds like your diaper isn't on very snugly and the leg gatherers aren't positioned properly.

    When you put on the diaper, you need to do it with a fair amount of pressure to make sure that everything is nice and snug. A good way to do it is to lean against a wall with your butt holding the back of the diaper in place, feeding the front of the diaper through your crotch. Then evening the front and back wings of the diaper so that the back is a little higher than the front but everything is still tight, and then raising the front to meet up with the back to tighten it even further. In this position if you apply the two bottom tapes first, you should have no gaps between your legs and the diaper so they won't leak. Then proceed to finish fastening the top tapes as you like.

    After you are finished fastening your diaper, don't forget to fold the leg gatherers that are around your leg holes out.

    I wear Abena M4s quite commonly, and I haven't run into the problems you have.

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    I was running in to this issue. I went to the L4 and have not leaked since. If you are on the larger size of the size scale they list then you should go up a size.

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    I'm right in the middle of the recommended size, so I doubt that is the problem. I always try to get it as tight as I can and pull out the gatherers. Maybe I'll try the wall thing though. I wouldn't say the gaps look noticeable. It is just easier to get my fingers between the diaper and my legs on an Abena than a Tranquility it seems.

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    Default Re: Abenas leaking

    I've found that using a booster causes the Abenas to leak on me. I think the booster pushes the leak guards away from the thighs creating a gap that lets the pee flow right out.

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    i found that when i had abenas, any booster pads meant that i ended up leaking out the leg gathers so i stopped using them entirely (besides, the M4s are plenty thick without needing anything extra). Also, be careful with when your diaper gets a bit on the full side, as i found the pretty much always leaked out the leg gathers then even with it seemed like there was still room left (maybe this was just me).

    Another thing that people often forget is that the way you place the bottom tapes matters. If you are placing them downwards (something most people do because it is easier to get it snugger) it doesnt pull the gathers around properly as the tapes pointing downwards allows for them to pull out a bit. If you point the tapes upwards (may take a bit to get the hang of and keep them nice and snug then the gathers wont be able to stretch out very much.

    Or you could just be unlucky and not be the right kind of body shape for their style/cut of diaper (i know some diapers no matter how well i fit them will leak out the legs regardless)

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    I tried without using the booster. Pretty much the same result. Too bad because these are by far the most comfortable diapers I've ever worn.

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    Default Re: Abenas leaking

    It seems to me that Abena is getting less absorbent as well. It seems since they changed to the huge stripes down the middle, they had degraded in quality. I used to love Abena, but they are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Their tapes were always an issue to me as well. Dry 24/7 is also quite fluffy like Abena they are made almost the same except they are a lot thicker than Abena.

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    I had trouble with abenas leaking on me until I figured out the fit and taping for my body shape (top tapes will overlap with a medium, but small is too small for me). I found that pulling the front up so the padding is about 1-.5 inches higher than the back and then taping the bottom tapes downward along the gathers, following the contour of my leg, seemed to work best.

    That said, abena's don't seem to wick very well either (though take that with a grain of salt since I'm used to molicare, the king of wicking). It seemed like they would take one wetting just fine, but if I wasn't careful about positioning during any subsequent wettings, they'd leak badly due to not being able to absorb the liquid in that specific area. I'd often change out of one that was on the verge of leaking and feel like it was barely used because one specific area was saturated, but the entirety of the back and half the front was still dry.

    Don't get me wrong, they were definitely good diapers (miles ahead of drugstore brands, about even with molicare), it's just that they did seem a little more leak prone than other brands I've tried.

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    I keep telling everyone that SECURE X-PLUS diapers are better than ABENA now. I wear 24/7 for medical and can trust the Secure diapers to not leak in my time of need. I'm wearing and M-4 at the moment, but the odor control and capacity sucks.

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