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Thread: Overalls

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    Cool Overalls

    According to this article, overalls may be making a comeback!
    Overalls Are Back with a Vengeance | Style Crush - Yahoo! Shine
    Why is this good for ABs? Chances are there will be some cute overall designs coming out. Kind of like with the return of footie pajamas.
    I personally would like a purple pair like the ones I have now... just without all the extra layers that make them insulated lol.

    Does anyone think they will jump on the bandwagon if overalls become a trend again?

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    I would like to see them make a comeback. Especially in softer denims and corduroy. I wore corduroy when I was a toddler all the way till I was about 10.
    I bought a couple of pair shortalls from Pointer last Dec when they were on sale. I've since put some mickey mouse patches on them and wear them around
    the house. I don't really care about the heavy work weight denims at all.

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    Lighter materials would be nice
    I would also like to see some variety in color.

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    I got some Pointer brand and they fit great. I always say to people their "coming back" when they comment (usually a positive comment), but I never actually thought it would happen. I certainly hope you're right Piplup, as people will think I'm really on the cutting edge of fashion for once!

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    I've had overalls for years, and currently have a pair. I'll occasionally wear them out. Living in Virginia, one often sees older men in them. For them, it's the real deal as carpenters and farmers wear them out of practicality.

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    I bought a pair of Oshkosh b'Gosh coveralls for 10 bucks at a thrift store. They are a little big, but so awesome with plenty of room.

    I also used it for an Applejack cosplay for 2 years now.

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    I own several coveralls and shortalls. When I wear these, they always make me feel "little". I have a small collection (7 pairs) of Winnie The Pooh embroidered coveralls in tan, light blue and blue denim that I found in the women's apparel department (It seems that womens clothing articles are often allowed to have childish/babyish themes. I found them at a drastic clearance price at a discount department store for about $6.00 a pair. I modified two of them with snaps on the inseam to resemble baby coveralls. My latest find was a near new pair of blue denim shortalls at a local Goodwill Store

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    Default Re: Overalls

    If they are making a comeback its going to be mainly on for woman then slowly trickle down to a few blah styles for guys.

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    Would like them better if they had snaps in the legs like the toddler ones.

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    I thought the same thing when i read that article this morning, overalls are in ?? ok I'm in haha

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