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Thread: Need help finding the right diapers for me :(

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    Question Need help finding the right diapers for me :(

    Hiya all!

    I am looking for diapers to fit me, i am a 28"-30" waist and i am about 6ft tall, i cant find any good ones anywere for a reasonable price

    Can you help?! i hope you can!


    I Live in the UK, price range anything below 50, Online or Offline.
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    What country are you in? What's your price range? Online/offline? We need more than your size if you want to get a product that you're truly happy with.

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    Red face Update


    I have updated the above post with more details, sorry its my first time :3


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    Hi Doo!
    I'm a 30" waist and find Tena Slip Maxi to be the best I've tried for regular wear. They have excellent absorbency and I've never leaked (as yet). Although the small size is supposed to fit a 20" - 30" waist I found them too skimpy and find the medium size (28" - 44") is a much better fit. The pad is also larger than the small size and is supposed to hold 2300ml but you should bear in mind that this might not be the case when wearing one. I order mine online from IncontinenceChoice. They cost 14.99 Ex VAT plus postage for a pack of 24 and are delivered next day, well wrapped in discreet packaging. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to their website but if you can't find it by doing a Google search with the name, send me a message and I'll give you their details.

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    Thankies Chris

    I also currently order from them, im not sure what i order, i think i order the Depends.


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    They also do a sample service Doo, so next time you order add a few samples to your list. It's cheaper than ordering a full pack only to find they don't work for you. The Tena Slip has a great padding, lots of gel. I found the gel in the Attens Slip even better, very absorbent and swelled up great but they leaked around my bum when I tried them so I'm sticking with Tena.

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    Thankies Chris,

    I will definately make use of this service

    is there any others you would advise or reccomend?

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    Sorry Doo, I've only tried Tena and Attends. I'd like to try Abena M4s but haven't see them online in the UK.

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    No probs
    I forgot to say, if you should order the Attends slip, make sure you go for the M10 - they're the most absorbent. They feel softer than the Tena Slip but crinkle louder though, I don't know if you'd mind that.

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