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Thread: Has anyone taken Castor Oil?

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    Red face Has anyone taken Castor Oil?

    I'm interested in knowing experiences with Castor Oil and messing? How much to take, how fast it works, what to expect.

    Anyone out there have experience with it?

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    did a bit of googling for you

    Castor Oil Laxative | Merrilyn Hope's Blog

    if your trying to cause ur self to poo i deff suggest enemas while they can be unconfortable to give you hold it for 15 mins and release and your bladder is cleaned and if you were wearing a diaper it will be soaked and filled to compacity

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    Hey there Feel free to read all about it over here!

    You're up for potentially a lot of fun

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    Ehhh there's kind of a reason why doctors don't prescribe this as a laxative since it's extremely rough (oddly popular in herbal circles for supposed benefits). There's also a reason why in those old cartoons ya see of characters throwing it up because it's pretty foul.

    IF you wanna experiment with it, follow the instructions very carefully or else your guts will be doing flips for quite sometime. Never take more than the prescribed amount.

    Laxative overuse/missuse will screw up your guts. Just a friendly warning, especially with this kind of laxative.

    It's my opinion to stick to really high fiber foods and sort of "plan it"

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    That stuff is nasty. I remember mom giving it to me as a kid. I think Ex Lax would be better and easier on the tummy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crybabydustin View Post
    I'm interested in knowing experiences with Castor Oil and messing? Anyone out there have experience with it?
    Yes, personally. I tried it several months ago. I can tell you I don't ever intend on trying it again. Now, From my personal experience:

    I had heard it tastes foul, and is thick like syrup. I forget the dosing amount, but it wasn't all that much. I did some research on taking Castor Oil and found that if you just gulp down the castor oil (and don't bother trying to get a taste of it nor its texture). Then if you down (and I mean chug) a medium glass of luke-warm water it will help keep that nasty taste out of your mouth. I was expecting the results fairly quickly. But for me it didn't effect me for like over an hour. I was laying on the couch watching TV when I felt my stomach start growling/rumbling. I got up to go to the kitchen when BAM!

    The down side to the experiment is that I kept having to go to the bathroom after the first initial result. So I would recommend you have an entire day and plenty of GOOD diapers on hand before attempting this stunt. After changing 3 diapers I just put on a pair of shorts and went to the bathroom when I needed to

    The taste and texture of that stuff is enough to make you wanna gag. Gulping down the dose and chugging water helped, but it's that nasty after taste that will get you.

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    yep im gonna stick with enemas :\

    its instant and has no taste :\

    GL MAN stuff looks fucking awful :\ and from wat im reading i am never gonna try it way to nasty :\

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    That stuff does not work for me, but I recommend against using that stuff, since it is thick, extremely harsh, and hard to swallow!

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