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Thread: Name 3 things to buy that would freak out the cashier

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    Default Name 3 things to buy that would freak out the cashier

    rat poison
    duck tape

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    Good to see we are just ripping off 4chan now.

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    Steel Max 7 (ammunition for clay pidgeon shooting)
    A family size bag of frozen broccoli

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    Many years ago we were in a convention that was meeting at the same time the Southern Baptists were having their national convention at the same time. One famous guy in our group commented that no women had asked for a plaster cast of his genitals. We went to the local drug store and bought small amounts of plaster, paper cups, tongue depressers, and small jars of vaseline enough to make ten such kits as gag gifts.

    About the time the clerk got to putting the last of the jars of vaseline in the bag she says "I guess you folks aren't with the baptists."

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    Vaseline and a cucumber and a copy of the little rascals

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    Suppositories, adult diapers and baby wipes.

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