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Thread: Tips for beginners to ageplay

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    Hey there recently I have been interested in trying out the age play side of things and not sure where to start. For now I got some AB clothes, bottles, paci and of course the diapers. And the most AB stuff I have done thus far is wearing my stuff and using my paci and bottles. But nothing else such as acting out.

    Recently I have another friend into the same stuff and is kinda curious about trying out age play stuff. So we decided we should try it out together sometime in the near future. But unfortunately we aren't good on brainstorming good ideas for things to do or how to get into a younger character and stay in that character for the remainder of the session.

    I am mainly curious as to what you guys do now or did as a beginner to get into character easier when you start off. And possibly additional stuff we should look into getting if it helps out.

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide : )

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    How about not plotting where to take it and just let it go where you feel comfortable once your there? Plan the basic and then let the fun go where it takes you. Maybe get a few supplies you might be interested in like coloring books, disney movie etc in case you feel like going that direction but dont feel obligated to follow a schedule of what to do ... enjoy yourself. Every time ive made specific plans it always heads off in its own direction. The only plan I make is get the baby into diaper and it goes its own direction from there. Every time I make specific plans it becomes "but but but you said wed get to this or that and we ran out of time" or "ummm I dont wanna do that" and it ends up going that way once things move anyways.

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