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Thread: swimming in diaper

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    Default swimming in diaper

    has anyone every been swimming in diapers?

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    There are swim diapers that contain only solids...liquids pass through.....and they can be worn under swimwear, or as swimwear. I've thought about them, but since they actually look like medical quality diapers, I've not yet taken the plunge.

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    I never have and I don't think I ever will. And if I ever do they aren't getting "used", ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markbob View Post
    what would it be like in a disposable diaper?
    Probably unpleasant. And bad for the pool if it bursts - the SAP gel can really screw up pool filters, I think.

    It's easy to experiment, though - try it in the shower or bathtub.

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    An ordinary diaper in a pool would burst and all the SAP and cellulose would clog the filters. If it's your pool it will be a huge task to clean it out. If it's someone else's pool they would be within their rights to bill you for the damage.

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    I"ve not had one burst, but have filled one up while in the shower. it's kinda fun cause you have to waddle, but at the same time, there is a ton of water inside that isn't absorbed, so it drops water as you move around.

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    I've not swam in a diaper per se, but I've ridden a wave runner while padded once. The diaper did get wet from the splashing but never got thoroughly soaked. It felt really awesome to ride over the waves and bump along while padded. I had my swim trunks on over the diaper. I figured since swim trunks have that built-in mesh that is like a sewn in type of underwear that it wouldn't matter if the diaper exploded or not. Besides I was in a lake, so there were no filters to worry about. I did feel a bit self conscious when I docked the wave runner and walked to my car to back the trailer down the boar ramp. The diaper had swollen a bit, and while I'm sure no one really noticed, I sure did.

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    cherup..... wow that must have been sooooo much fun. just have a wet diapers on feels amazing the being out on a lake would be fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleAcorn View Post
    It's easy to experiment, though - try it in the shower or bathtub.
    SAP has also been known to clog up bathrub/shower drains. Same with toilets I'd assume.

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