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Thread: Do you like feeling wet?

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    Default Do you like feeling wet?

    I love the sensation of being wet especially around my bottom, nothing like relaxing with your feet up and dribbling so the pee reaches your bottom and letting it get cold. Do you like feeling wet and what ways do you accomplish that nice wet feeling?

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    I wear 24/7 so I'm always wet. When the wettness creeps up the backside of my diaper it's time for change. But I do love the feeling when that warm
    pee runs down to my bottom no matter whether I'm sitting or in my bed sleeping. I don't feel it so much when I'm standing till I sit down.

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    I like the warmth wetness and pressure from the swelling diaper, as well as being aroused by slight humiliation. Wetting in clothes is fun, but the clean up and the impending cold wetness is a let down.

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    Default Re: Do you like feeling wet?

    My diapers don't swell much, bit i do enjoy the feeling of a wet diaper, unless its been a while, i don't like it when is gone cold

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    The best for me is when i wake up wet. Validates my little side and puts me in a great mood for the day!
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    I love my diaper when i pee in it that is why i wear it at night

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    In a word, "yes".
    I especially like the bet behind feeling, despite the fact that it means time for change.
    I recently wore one diaper for more than 36 hours. Each time I had to go to the bathroom, I went, but made sure that the dribbles were collected. By the time I changed, I was about to overflow. The biggest drawback is that the odor sometimes becomes noticeable to others; but that doesn't serve as a deterrent for me...only the rush that somebody knows...

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    Well I have only short periods of time really being dry. I really like the feeling of first wetting a diaper, when it happens and I notice it, it feels pretty good, but a wet diaper several hours later isn't quite as fun, unfortunately, especially if it's also a poopy diaper.

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    I like the feeling of the warm pressure. I have a hard time wadlling around after a few good soakings.

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    Very much so. That is where cloth is better then disposables, you feel wet in cloth. Love that nice warm feeling flooding a fresh diaper

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