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    Default Hello from Wisconsin

    Thanks for looking. Some information about me.
    I do live in Wisconsin, enjoy it...nice and quiet living by Lake Michigan.
    I am 36 years old, average height and build.
    I love technology, photography and video editing. I love the Bears, even though I'm in Packer Land. Go Cubs....
    I am sorta a foodie, love to try new places whether traveling North to Milwaukee or South to Chicago
    I have been interested in diapers since I can remember. Loved dreaming as a kid of being in diapers and wetting and messing them. Although at times, wetting in a dream caused me to wet...
    I bounce around from being nurtured as a 3 year old baby or the other side of being laughed at and made fun of for being a baby.
    I'm here to meet new people, ideas, interests in general. Whether life or AB/DL related.
    I hope to hear back from those...thanks
    baby dustin
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    Default Re: Hello from Wisconsin

    Hi baby dustin,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I know nothing of Packers or Bears, only people who work in Asda, and cuddly toys! Heheh

    I am 37, so a little older than you. Heheh

    What is your current favourite gadget? Mine is my SGS3, I wouldn't be anywhere without it. (Other than in the bath of course!)

    I hope that you find everything you are looking for, in this forum!

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    Default Re: Hello from Wisconsin

    Greetings from a fellow Wisconsinite! I have to admit I admire your being a Bears fan.... it's gotta be hard staying loyal that long to that team :P (I kid, I kid. Going to a school heavily made up of FIBs means I have more friends that are Bears fans than Cheese heads, so its all good)

    It's always nice to see people from your state also into this. Makes you feel a little less like a weirdo.

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    Yeah, its nice to know there are many of us around. Not that I'm old, but pre-established internet. Felt like I was alone, or just others in the shadows. Although, it is still difficult. It would be awesome to find a mommy or babysitter to visit once in awhile. Its fun being in my clothes and diapers, but having someone watch over you would be cool.

    Go BEARS

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