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Thread: Meeting in real life.

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    Default Meeting in real life.

    I know that this type of thread has been made and all that but I can't find one so I am asking anyone out there, is there any site where AB's meet???? I've just always wanted to meet someone else...

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    If you look around there should be meet ups, the best way to go about it usually is chatting with people on IRC and finding out who's local. I went to my first meetup after being on here 6 years and it was great. A great range of people, ages, activities, and dress . That's another thing: make sure you're mindful of the people you're meeting when you do. I've heard from others that munches are a great way to meet people on the quick.

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    If you're looking to meet others in a safe, unintimidating environment, munches are a great place to start. A lot of AB/DL and ageplay munches are listed here:

    There are also a lot of munches and local groups listed on Fetlife. Fetlife is a great site to join. It's for people of all sexual orientations, but most of the people you'll find there are straight. Keep in mind that Fetlife is supposed to be primarily a social network, not a dating site. Don't be too forward when you approach people.

    If you're gay or bisexual, checkout,, and I think the first two of these sites are open to straight men and women too, but the gay male presence is strongest. dl-boy is for gay and bi men only.

    Some safety tips, which you may have already heard, but just in case: If you're meeting someone in real life for the first time, always meet in a public place, such as a cafe or restaurant. Arrange your own transportation. Don't accept a ride from a stranger. I've met quite a few AB/DLs for coffee or a meal, and I've never had a "bad experience," but I still think it's a good idea to take a few sensible precautions.

    Finally, think carefully before posting pictures that contain both your face and your diaper or obvious AB items to any of your online profiles. This is the age of Tumblr. Once pictures are posted on the Internet, they tend to get stolen and posted elsewhere.

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    So here we go. this is the 18+ content that this site was NOT going to drift to after the banning of those under 18. ADISC is sounding more and more like just another a 18+ AB/DL site.

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    Thanks for the sites guys and for the record, it's not like that... I just want someone I can talk and relate to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post
    So here we go. this is the 18+ content that this site was NOT going to drift to after the banning of those under 18. ADISC is sounding more and more like just another a 18+ AB/DL site.
    I've noticed content becoming more and more 'adult focused' lately, too. Le sigh.

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    Well I already reply to this post a couple days, talking about the little munch i went, but I think the post was erase, even if was took care of not breaking adisc rules... if it happens agains, is it possible for the mod who erase the post to warn the user and explain why?

    well, I won't repeat all my post, but I greatly recommend little munch (like buridan said) because it's more private than any other place and you get to meet very interesting people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post
    So here we go. this is the 18+ content that this site was NOT going to drift to after the banning of those under 18. ADISC is sounding more and more like just another a 18+ AB/DL site.
    I disagree.

    First, meetups have long since been organized here. This isn't a new phenomenon.

    Second, I don't take OP's post to mean he's looking for a fuck buddy. This isn't an 18+ issue. And, IIRC, the meetups were frequently 18+ even before the ban on minors.

    Third, he's not bringing this business here. In fact, he's specifically asking to be directed to a different site.

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    I totally agree with you, AEsahaettr.

    If I'm correct, ADISC is a community with the goal to share our (Fetish?) and help those among us who have questions and self-acceptance issues. trust me when I say that meeting someone, not in a sexual way, who is also into AB/DL stuff is great for the self-esteem and acceptance. It's okay to meet and help people directly on the forum, but it's very not the same as meeting in person.

    Don't get me wrong, I really love this forum and understand it's rule, so I won't post any details or information about meeting. And I fully agree that it is not the place to organise sexual meeting. There is a bunch of other places for that.

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    I hardly think it's 18+ to inform people. Not to actually organize any meetups, but to inform people about them. That would seem to me, to be actually what we've been here for all along. This thread never was written with the seeming attempt of actually organizing any meet up on this site. I think posts like this are great times to let the people who are looking for this sort of thing to understand the dangers and make sure any sweet and kind AB/DL is left knowing as much as they possibly can before attempting to do it somewhere else. We owe it to our members to give them that, to give them the tools they need to make the best decisions. Not every member has seen every thread explaining these things, even if some of us have seen a couple.

    I understand the worry about becoming 18+ in content because that's why the great majority of us joined this site, but as long as that is against the rules and as long as the great majority of us don't want it.. I feel like people should relax. Some poeple might be seeing signs of the site changing just because they expecting to see it.. not because it's actually there. This place shouldn't be stressing anyone out, and I'm extremely sorry if it ever is.

    To the possibly confused OP, I don't know much about meetups myself. Other then you should make sure to be as cautious and careful as you can. You never can fully outgrow of being cautious of strangers, and if you were setting yourself up to a situation where someone could hurt you.. and I would really hate that. I understand really wanting a meetup with another person so you can fill some sort of gap or need.. but please be careful when you are out there on the internet looking for companionship. You might want to consider possibly posting a rant of sorts on a blog post or even a forum post, talking about your deeper feelings.. it might help in the meantime. I know it can help to let others in and that's exactly what we are here for. To try to make as hard as it is to have these feelings a little easier. Please let us know what we can do for you, even if it's just to listen.

    Big hugs all around!

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