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    Never bought diapers myself, been too shy to try them on in any kind of setting. But if I did, what brands would be the biggest and puffiest?

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    I have not bought online yet (Bambino, Cushies, etc) but local stores ive been buying Depends max protection w/ tabs. They are plastic backed and have not leaked on me as long as i make sure the legs are snug, fairly cheap too, i get a pack of 16 for $11(USD).

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    Depends fitted / protection with tabs are probably the best you can do from a store. They're pretty thin and don't puff up much, but they actually work a lot better than people give them credit for as long as you don't flood them or try to hold more than ~one wetting.

    Dry24/7 are probably the largest/puffiest you can get, though if you have anything less than a 34 inch waist the mediums aren't going to fit well at all (and the smalls are terrible in terms of absorbency from what I've heard).

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    dry 24/7 are biggest ive ever had

    they hold lots :0

    altho i find that i enjoy bambino better but am switching to cloth as i just ordered my first cloth today cant wait to get it in the mail

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    If you stuff diapers or wear more than one at a time, it really puffs them up. if you're looking for store brands, I used to get Walgreens Certainty brand and wear two or three at a time. Defintely VERY big ad puffy

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    If you're ordering online, Dry 24/7 is the puffiest you'll find, but Abena X-Plus, Secure X-Plus, and Bambino are also very thick.

    If you're buying in a store, you won't find anything particularly thick. You'll be lucky to find something with tapes and plastic backing (as opposed to pull-on briefs with cloth-like backing). Depends are often the best choice.

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    Bambino Bellissimo diapers or the Dry 24/7 diapers both are my favorite.

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    Fabines are definitely the biggest and puffiest of the brands that I tried. They are advertised to be able to hold 4 Liters of fluid, and they most certainly hold more than Abena M4s or Bambino Bellissimos do.

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    Used to use Vlesi slip comfort because they held an insane amount of pee, but since they went to cloth backed I've been using Tena Slip Maxi. They are puffy as hell.

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    Abri Form M4 are the thickest I use.

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