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    The headline says it all...

    Life happens all at ONCE! Last year marriage. Finishing up my doctorate and entering the working world (already there - sort of). Went on a vacation for a special occasion and couple months later we find out I am going to be a Dad in 6 months!

    Now what?

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    Now what? Well, speaking from experience, you'd better buckle your seat belt, you're about to be in for the ride of your life!

    Since you finished your schooling before starting a family, you are far ahead in the game already. But I can tell you that the reality you know today really doesn't sink it or hit home till you're actually holding your new baby in your arms. Also, these cut little bundles of joy WILL teach you patience, LOL! But it will ALL be worth it.

    I would advise holding a baby shower. You and your S.O. should go to local stores and do a baby shower gift registries. That way people whom you invite to the baby shower will know what to get you, or get an idea of the things you need.

    If you have a room for the baby, I also advise setting up the crib, changing table and so on well in advance. My wife gave birth to our first child 1 month and 4 days early. So the 'Big Day' can come upon you sooner that expected. And having things set up beforehand is a great stress reliever!

    Oh, and from one new parent to another,,,,CONGRATS!!

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    Congratulations. Hope you have a good time lol.

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    Congratulations. It looks like someone else in the family will be wearing diapers....teehee.

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    congrats man looks like theres going to be more then 1 baby in the house in about 6 months

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    Not only will your child teach you patience but your wife will too. She is going to become his whole new person. If she knows about and participates in your AB side. You might not get that for awhile. I know I would love to do some AB stuff but with my ever growing belly it just doesn't work well. I don't know when I will get time to have baby/daddy time... Just remember, your wife is going to be ever demanding, selfish and it's not her fault!

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