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Thread: Test your internet speed

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    Default Test your internet speed There was a topic on this before test your speed then post it.

    Ill post mine when my bro isn't playing online games got it to 30k one day though download of course.

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    :'( That thing is wrong btw, I'm with dodo not telstra

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    i giggle when i see that i dont know why the upload is so bad right now, its usually 2megs

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    Well, my internet has been craping out for a few days now, (I think Rogers is screwing around with the server, updating, or upgrading something...)

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    I do post but my mobo is struggling...
    I get 15kps out of my 20000 max..

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    Mine seems to be right, my internet is lagging right now but w/e


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    *cries for the loss of her 10Mbps connection* these trying times (when I'm broke and can't afford 10Mbps) I have to settle for 256Kbps and basic cable (around 30 channels) television (although I am looking into switching providers, I just need to find out what it's gonna cost me if I do) are my speeds...not bad for what is supposed to be 256Kbps download (and I'm behind a wireless router which can (and does) slow things down)

    *cries more 'cause it still SUCKS*

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