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Thread: asda little angles 6+

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    Wink asda little angles 6+

    just bought asdas little angles size 6 plus nappies heres a review on them they are much bigger and thicker than pampers 6 but haven't got much stretch to the sides. on the plus side they are an amazing stuffer its crazy how much they swell. they hold so much i had 4 wettings in them and they were so thick and no gel escapes theres no need to cut holes in them as a overflow just wondering if any1 else has used them as stuffer and what there thoughts are on them

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    Are those only in the UK? Sound like something different!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Are they acute?
    Please, lets not be obtuse. So just what is your angle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Please, lets not be obtuse. So just what is your angle?
    Oh, I'm more than obtuse. I'm a whoppin' 225 degrees, or 3*pi/2 if your a radical type of person. But hey, 225, 135, 45... in the end, aren't we all the same where it counts?

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    what do they look like?
    and are they available out side the UK?

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    I am not familiar with UK sizing, what is the difference between 6 and 6+? I also noticed that they have 4 and 4+ as well as 5 and 5+? It doesn't seem like it is a full size bigger, so not a size 7 like we have in the states, but more like a size 6.5. Or is the "+" an indicater of extra absorbancy??? It is nice to see larger diapers becoming more common, when pampers 7 tanked, I got really worried that larger diapers would never become popular, so it is nice to see that there are still larger sized diapers coming out. Pictures????

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    i would say they are larger than pamers 7 and more absorbent i only know this because ive tried the pampers 7 the little angles are not as stretchey if strechy at all so in hight yes they are bigger but not in width and the link babytoddler provided is the nappies/diapers there just plane white with a babyis landing zone in size 6 the smaller one are pokka dot and really cute

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    oh and 6+ are extra large plus (dont know why they dont put size 7 uk eh lol )

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