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Thread: What Would You Like To Be An Expert At?

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    Question What Would You Like To Be An Expert At?

    We all have certain abilities where we excel more so than the next person. However, is there an area where you would like to be an absolute expert, possessing just about all there is to know in that particular field of endeavor? Possibly a whizz in subjects like math, history, or some field of science. Perhaps you've always yearned to be an expert at some type of building construction or another trade. Then there's various forms of art including music that you'd love to be a master at. Just what would you love to have the expert knowledge and abilities to do or be?

    Myself, I had always wanted to be an expert machinist and metal worker, including performing any type of welding along with forge and foundry work. I would love to be able to make any kind of replacement part out of metal, especially now for vintage and antique items I collect. Maybe even reproduce older style toys from before the plastic age.

    I took machine shop in high school and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, out in the real world, most metal working jobs were pretty heavy duty, and with me being smaller in build my efforts at finding such employment after graduation were unsuccessful. I ended up doing drafting/design work for a utility company instead, but the desire to be an expert metal worker has never left me. Now how about you?

    Oh, and on the flip side, maybe you have already attained expertise in some area. Would be neat to read where you excel to the point of being a true expert.


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    Shred on the guitar

    Oh, and to be able to ride a motorcycle as good as Valentino Rossi

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    I'd like to become an expert in a martial art. It's something I've always had an interest in but I don't have much experience with. In an ideal world I'd like to become good at both the actual martial art and at knowing the history and science behind it.

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    I would like to be like the stig, at one with any vehicle I step into.

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    I always wanted to do something musical, I'd love to be an expert drummer for sure! I loved doing music at school but boy did I suck at it, music is definitely something I can't do xD

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    I would want to be an expert DJ and mixer. It's been a dream of mine to do it part time for a while now.

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    Expert ninja, for sure! lol

    I'd also want to be an expert bow hunter (and expert of the bow and arrow), expert psychologist, and expert survivalist (wilderness and urban.)

    The list could go on for days, but those would be the most desired.

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    i have the problem that i tend to have a 'natural ability for' or can 'turn my hand to' almost anything. so, while i can appreciate or admire the dedication that leads to an expertise or prowess, i don't usually find myself really hankering for skills i know i could probably attain, if i could be bothered (or had the option).
    mostly, most of my life has been about wishing i wasn't me, physically. so, i suppose i'd like to be an expert shapeshifter.

    (hey, i'm allowed the odd fantasy!)

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    I would love to be an expert at reading people. Knowing exactly what someone intended with what they are saying or doing, on if something I'm doing is bothering them.. if they want something. Those things would not only help me to know when I've bothered someone, or when someone just doesn't like me.. but it would also help me be a better friend and know for sure when I'm doing the wrong thing.

    I don't want to make anyone feel bad or do bad with my 'exert' ability, I just am so constantly worried about what people are thinking... if they are overwhelmed by how MUCH I am or feeling like I can't understand what people want that this sort of thing would make life a lot less panicky!

    Part of me feels like this answer isn't exactly what you were looking for though, so if it's something more conventional or productive.. I would really love to have a talent for drawing! I've always had my head blooming with cute ideas that my fingers never want to correctly put on paper!

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